Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


so far we have not see much gameplay footage and dont know how it will play out in term of game mechanics. i wouldnt mind a more defensive and slower approaching game.


Given the current team’s track record, I’m expecting something that plays like a mix of V Special and 2. Probably leaning a bit to the former.

What I’m most concerned about are the jumps. SS, for a more grounded game, has some pretty fast, light feeling jumps.


It needs a decent style in FG that would standout and emphasize certain FG essential strategy rather than being another variation of SF4, FLEX, KI, Xrd or etc.

In the past SS had been trying to be SC and Toshiden so it went easily shadowed and went to obscurity.

SS aesthetic always standout and remarkable.

Agree it needs to be more ground game. Slower approach and more fundamentals along with a lot of footsies and turtling than zoning(not totally gone has still a bit of zoning).


No offense, but most Capcom fanboys think SNK’s only worthwhile games are Garou Mark of the Wolves (busted and limited as hell but pretty) and Samurai Shodown (it has a great theme and aesthetic but the quality of the games is inconsistent). Both are technically inferior to Real Bout Fatal Fury and The Last Blade but hardly anyone knows about those. However, SNK’s most commonly known games are Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown (and King of Fighters to a certain degree), so it definitely has a chance of bringing a larger audience.

However, given that this is releasing in recent times (and is being created by Playmore instead of the original SNK), I sincerely hope that they do not implement easy combos, armored moves, and DLC for this release as that would take a lot away from its positive reception for me personally. I also strongly hope that it is closer to a faster, refined Samurai Shodown II or better balanced Samurai Shodown IV as those are my favorites. I hope that they do not use the gameplay design for Samurai Shodown V and VI as those play like sterile generic 2D fighters.

I am certain the biggest factor in this game’s mainstream appeal will be online implementation, which SNK Playmore has historically struggled with. It couldn’t matter any less to me, but it will likely strongly impact their sales.

P.S. NetherRealm studios has also upped their game as of Injustice 2 in every regard, so past criticisms are outdated and hardly constructive.


Not a fan of realbout… with sidestep stuff
… agree garou was superior. IMHO.

Yes last blade was decent than some of the recent 2d samsho but the early 2 samsho no contest because it designed to play and appeal differently.


As for Jump ins and Anti air. I hope Jump in needs to be strategic approach like the need of proper timing something like a risk and reward things. Rather than just doing jumps ins. Has good damage potential but has it’s dangers like bad recovery or too vulnerable startup.


Honestly, I do think that Samurai Shodown can catch on to the same kind of reboot success that games like SFIV, MK9, and KI did. It’s similar to those in that it’s a game that was popular in the 90s, but petered out in popularity as time went by. Heck, if I remember right, it was better received in the magazines of the era, when it came out alongside SSFII and MK2.

At the same time, it doesn’t have the same kind of baggage that KoF has, where it’s been around so constantly that it’s hard to actually “reboot” it. In other words, the IP feels fresh in the same way that SF did in 2007-2009, or KI in 2013, and especially MK9 in 2011, with how it’s a return to 2D roots after experimenting with 3D.

That being said however, my main worry is that people, especially those who came into the genre more recently, might get turned off by the game’s much slower, more deliberate pace. The game does things differently in a lot of small ways that may confuse a lot of folks who’re more used to how fighting games these days tend to play.


Those are all necessary evil at this point. But there’s a right way (NRS, bamco) and a wrong way (Capcom).


There’s no need for easy combos when the game has almost no combos at all.


Regarding DLC (and a bit more seriously this time). I have seen some people say that they wouldn’t mind it if it becomes a way to bring in characters who wouldn’t fit into the story/timeline, such as Shiki (who is kinda popular), and even that edgelord bait Ashura.


I am not a fan of DLC and would prefer they release separate complete entries and add additional content for every new release.

It also sucks that everything about a game can change between updates and there is no way to access a previous revision. If the changes are more gradual they are more akin to touch ups, but as is often the case these days the change can permanently neuter something interesting or emphasize a new aspect that is undesirable.


DLC is now inevitable, I don’t mind it as long it’s worth purchase, I just hope the initial characters isn’t less than 15? as possible. I know this is like the original but at least it’s along 16 as possible along with standard FG mode.


Neo_G confirmed


So ready. Samurai and Tekken 7 is all I need.


Definitely hope this doesn’t become a combo fest, but the game we had in SS1/SS2. Love the slower paced fighting, the amazing feeling of waiting for your opponent to blink first.


Looking forward to this one. Pretty good roster so far and i’m interested in the game’s new mechanics.
They definitely upped the gore factor and the “Supers” are ok in my book. Really hope they don’t mess this one up.


Is there any hope of this game having less than 6 frames of input lag? Ideally it would be 4 frames but in this day and age that feels greedy. I mean native lag like SFV’s formerly 8 frames, just to be clear.


Well SNK hasn’t really been known for giving us stellar netcode, so we’ll see…


i know. when i hear UE4 i instantly think of T7 and SFV’s input lag. i hope there are ways around it. i can settle for 5f of lag at the very most but anything more feels mushy.


Was talking to Laban (who made top 8 in SS2 at Evo), and we came to the idea that this should hopefully be like a SS2 UM. Maybe with V SP’s weapon bar, and Tenka’s whiff animations. But overall, SS2’s pace and movement.

Input lag was patched out of the latest dev builds of UE4 months ago.


Samsho games being heavily footsie based means netcode/input lag is even more important. Really hope SNK uses GGPO or some type of rollback netcode. We should hound them on twitter.


More importantly, we concluded that we don’t want CD combos from IV (and Tenka’s IV-groove) back.