Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Wan-Fu/Wong-Fu in SS1 was the cheapest. Here’s why:

His K-Groove meter built up faster than anyone else and stayed lit longer than anyone else.

Sword throw shenanigans with cross ups especially when the K-Groove meter is full and lit.

Heavy (pressing the 2 punch buttons simultaneously) slashes that connected deals an insane amount of damage and builds up dizzies faster…


Yeah I don’t think willingly disarming yourself with every projectile doesn’t help Wan Fu a whole lot.


I’m okay with Weapon Gauge

I hope there would be no weapon destruction/breaker.


Limited time Jumping

A 3rd strike like Universal Overhead will also do.

I’m okay with 2-3 hit combo and thats it.

Something like a combo landed because of initial hit from particular attack that cause a stagger or a crumple state then follow up by another slash.

No juggles, No groundbounce and No wallbounce


SamSho doesn’t need most of these.


If its all the same to you people, I just want a decent weapons based fighter with no “modern” bullshit attached to it. Just a good solid fighter. Especially since we can’t have something meaty like a Weaponlord (Thanks Namco) or a Golden Axe: The Duel (Thanks Sega).


That’s fine. That said, people gotta realize SamSho has certain specifics that make it feel the way it does. It’s not just Street Fighter or KoF with swords.


More footsies and change the weapon clash thing into a mind game mechanic rather than just rapid pressing.


I have no complaints. I feel indifferent with DLC because it’s the norm these days. Just give us a good content and game mechanic.


Other than button mashing isn’t something interesting anymore for a Weapon Clash.


Hilarious that people were mashing all those years for no reason. I wonder how clashes will be handled in this one. Maybe similar to reversal edge in SC6?


Just make the gameplay the same as SS1


As a guy who played only 4, 5s and 6, can you give me fast rundown about stuff?

I pretty much know that 4 had CD infinites. Found them myself via mashing so I guess they were like week 1 discovery. Other than that loved the game. Played 5S on ggpo and it was ok. Saw some vids about 2 and 3 that looked broken (like some weird physics in 3 and very dumb stuff in 2). So whats the hype about 1 & 2?


2 is the ST of the series. Sure some dumb stuff exists, but that stuff rarely matters in tournaments (similar to how ST also has seemingly questionable shit). It’s slow, deliberate, and methodical, favoring defense, big damage off single pokes, and counter hits over combos and pressure.


Thx for the video, that was entertaining.

SS2’s collision detection and combos that occasionally inexplicably fail has always bothered me. I hope that got cleaned up in later games.


Weapon Clash should be turned into a mind game that will lead to several outcome depending on how a player reacts/response to another player button press.

So both of their input correspond to lead into several outcome like

a) both disarm
b) right player disarm (not P1 or P2 depends on location)
c) left player disarm (not P1 or P2 depends on location)
d) weapon catch
e) switch/exchange position of players from left to right no disarm and no free hit.

No weapon destruction

Something like a quickdraw… rock, paper and scissors.

MVC3 Aerial Exchange is interesting in it’s counter feature for something how weapon clash would possibly be redesign.



SS1 = WW
SS2 = CE or HF


That’s just being pedantic in relation to the point. It’s more about the comparison of post ST Street Fighters and post SS2 SamShos.


HF was the best SF2 vanilla iteration before the Super series.

So what’s the ST of SS?


SS4 was the game I grew up playing so I’m hoping the new game is like that. I wouldn’t mind if it was like V special.