Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Championship Edition mops the floor with Hyper nonsense and Super is far more entertaining than Super Turbo.

Samurai Shodown games are all over the place in terms of quality. The most popular at this point in time is probably V Special, despite being a sterile generic quantity over quality entry. After that is Samurai Shodown II, which is the oldest game to be played consistently (and technically the best despite needing some revisions). Beyond that there is a lot of love for Samurai Shodown IV’s balls to the wall offensive gameplay.

The original Samurai Shodown has aged poorly and most players despise Samurai Shodown III and vanila 5. Nobody gives much of a shit about VI and all its many subsystems.



I was asking him I wasn’t taking things to be equivalent.

Yet HF and ST is better IMHO


The 3D games don’t get any love either. Warrior’s Rage and Sen are worst than III. I haven’t played the Hyper Neo Geo games but I’m sure most people haven’t.


Way to describe last arcade game for neo geo and “Love letter for the fans” from SNK.


The irony here is that SNK went bankrupt in 2000 and Samurai Shodown Vanilla came out in 2003 to cash in on the name. It was so poorly received that SNK Playmore had to release Special to keep anyone playing.

Also, all the 3D games are spinoffs as far as most people are concerned and not worth mentioning.

P.S. Zangief and the Shadoloo bosses disagree with the aforementioned ranking.


And yet, annoyingly, almost every other forum I’ve been to has someone requesting that 90s edgelord wannabe Asura.


I thought we all concluded long ago that people like shit.


I have got a chance to play the hyper neogeo 64 SS before, Nobody seems to care for it in my local arcade that time. The gameplay just feel more Toshiden, I like how SNK mix 2D art with 3D elements that time this made it look more appealing and interesting than Toshiden.

Too bad didn’t have any chance to play it again in modern times, Never thought that those things would go rare, never get any kind of port and never thought HN64 emulation will never progress. It’s very good for novelty reasons like nostalgic art. Times when everyone tries to workaround polygons with 2d effects and limited resources.

I never tried PSX SS with aged Haohmaru. It wasn’t my thing during those time in PSX.


i actually liked Sen. it was basically a 3D slow fighter with heavy emphasis on footsies. it really felt incomplete though so i don’t blame people for hating it.

the ng64 versions were pretty cool. i watched a lot of japanese tournaments online. sirorim has a lot of videos of the 64 versions:


You reminded me I actually uploaded some Sen matches way back. I was hyped for it when it first came out because I was looking for Soul Calibur alternatives. Never actually got to play it though.

…is that Charlotte player doing Korean backdash?


They’re not spin-offs. 3D games occur near the end of the series timeline. Seriously, not having a number doesn’t make a game a spin-off.


I never played all those later games, but samsho2 is what got me into fighters. I hope this retains the emphasis on neutral/footsies and doesn’t go off the deep end with coin-flip mixups into anime combo bullshit like so many other fighters.


Any ideas and personal opinions with Locking of Weapons/Weapon Clash?

If it would change into no button mashing.


Maybe an unpopular opinion but imo Earthquake is a wasted slot. It’s stuff that worked in the 90’s but is just laughable nowadays.

Personally I’m hoping that from later series we get Enja, Suija and Basara. Those guys were cool.


Personally, I don’t think a system based on pure guessing/RPS would be any better.

Just keep it how it was in V Special where it actually showed the number of button presses each player made.


Any other ideas if you would modernized or redesigned Weapon Clash.


Clash can work like Xrd’s danger time.


I dunno, someone in the higher ops of SNK must really like that guy (also made it SOMEHOW into SvC Chaos).

Don’t really like palette swaps or EDGY versions of other characters, so if they can avoid characters like Enja, Suija, Rasetsumaru or Rera, I’m all for it.


I wouldn’t want to damage my buttons and would prefer wiggling the stick counter-clockwise for clashes.

P.S. They could do worse than Earthquake and include Wan Fu, who changes weapons in every release. At least Earthquake looks and plays in a unique way.


Idk I don’t think Suija and Enja qualify as a palette swap as they do look differently then the ninja brothers. I do think their designs are much cooler and less generic tho, and I love Suija’s gameplay with his invulnerable bubbles.