Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


Isn’t Danger Time universally reviled?


“Reviled” is probably too strong of a word.
“Utterly baffled by its existence” is probably more accurate.


So basically, “why does this exist” instead of “this shouldn’t exist”? Gotcha.

Though, I guess removing the random element would make it not as bad, if a similar system were implemented for SamSho’s clashes. That said, I don’t think it would work with the whole clash aesthetic it it were a “next hit after the countdown disarms” kind of deal.

One idea that did cross my mind however, was spending resources on clashes - make players wager (similar to Injustice) their Kenki/sword gauge. Basically, build on that meter’s effect of rewarding those who’re more careful with their pokes, while at the same time, making it so that getting disarmed isn’t as big a disadvantage since the winner of the clash has less Kenki.


The closest I’ve heard to positivity about danger time are things like “It doesn’t happen that often” or “It doesn’t have much impact in the long run”


Yeah, nobody really likes danger time. Very few people passionately hate it though. It’s just that the mechanic is so bizarrely misplaced in such an otherwise well-crafted game, nobody knows who thought it was a good idea. :v


You think we’ll see gameplay at TGS?


since it comes out next year, most likely…when snk is there…


Regardless of the hate, if anyone was interested in a Samurai Shodown Discord server:

I’m trying to learn the game a bit, mainly playing SSV-Special. Some parts of the game feel clunky, but I would like to think that it is going to be ironed out in the new game.

Random new player advice from self-experience over the course of 2 days (learned from Discord and Fightcade):

  • 2C = Equivalent of cr.jabs in SF in most cases. Close proximity A attacks are fast too.
  • Everything is mostly - on block. Think of it like the Decapre/Kolin situations where, even if opponent is at disadvantage, you probably still can’t get a fast attack to take advantage at times.
  • SSV-Special has 17 frames of wake-up invul.
  • A+B in some cases are the best punishes for most characters.


No offense, but clashes are the one thing I dislike about playing Injustice 2. It destroys the momentum and acts as an ass pull in the middle of a tense situation. The game would be slightly more enjoyable without them. If I am lucky they will be removed during the development of Injustice 3.


Dood you are one of the least informed people in regards to samsho, no one should listen to anything you say about it. Just saying. 5sp is easily the best game in the series especially from a competitive standpoint in terms of balance, character style variety, and it also refined then system of 5 vanilla and really whipped it into shape. Sit down.

Other than that, I’m hype as hell for this new game. From what we’ve seen I guess it’s largely based around the SS1 cast but I imagine we’ll have a 40 character roster by the time they’re done. I also really hope they veer more towards 5sp in terms of gameplay but I imagine it might be more like a combo of it and 2.


Definitely a day one purchase for me, I remember playing sam sho on snes back in the day but cant wait to play with my favorite characters Hanzo and Galford on PS4.


This will likely be a game Im going to study the shit out of. I havent done that for any game since SF4.


The only person that knows more about SNK-era NeoGeo Samurai Shodown than me on here is probably Laban and he hasn’t been around since forever. There is plenty of room for subjective opinions and I have gone on record many times condemning the choppy 2D work of SNK Playmore. Just because you don’t like what I say does not do anything to support your point of view.

The fact that someone like Kusaragedo (best) exists in the same game as Mizuki (worst) invalidates your balance spiel. I couldn’t give less of a shit about how much fun a bunch of dudes have on a free weekend or what characters they like. Hell, I can probably clean house with Enja if my opponents are stupid enough to let me, but it does not make him good.

Given the budget for the new game, the new stylized 3D visual design, and classic 2D playing field it could turn out pretty awesome despite SNK Playmore.


Maybe you know company lore but you don’t seem to know much about the games.

5 Special is better balanced than most Street fighter games tho. Polimrin got 2nd at Evo this year playing Mizuki (and I got 3rd with Amakusa, who’s C tier but can still be competitive) despite the fact that there were a few Gedo players in the tourney. Is Mizuki a great character? No, but a good player can be competitive with her because the game’s balance isn’t jokes. Compare that to II where Ukyo BS, Gen-an grab loops, and izuna loops from Galford and Hanzo are pretty much the touch of death should you get caught in them.

I do agree with you tho that it seems like SNK is really putting a lot into this one and I’m excited to see the result as I think Samsho is long overdue for a new game. That said though, I’m glad they’ve taken their time rather than rushing out something.

RE clashes in earlier games. I’m not sure about SS2 but in 1 the clashes took place entirely at random whereas later in the series, if two weapon hitboxes crossed it would trigger the clash.


IIRC, as mentioned in one of the posts above, the winner of SS1’s clashes was also determined at random.


Friend of mine argued this case feeling that way in the arcades and sworn some of the people there mashed harder than the other guy to only lose the clash exchange… and then mentioned how infuriated it was to hear about this being true when he first heard about it a while back, likely referring to the below link:


In SS1 both can lose the cashes simultaneously…


Have pointed this also earlier in the thread since I was asking if any of you have new ideas of variations you prepared it to be if modernized or re-conceptualized.

I prefer to ditch the button mashing and replace it something like a mini mind games like MVC3 aerial tag counter feature.


Well, you’re half right. After exploring the best tools of the classic characters I play in II and IV extensively together with some of the barebones new characters, I did not invest much time in V Special. It was for the exact same reason that people don’t like to watch WNBA despite being fans of basketball. In other words, nothing interesting happens.


SS IV had the best clash system. It at least measured the amount of taps on screen and there was always a clear winner