Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


i wasn’t really a fan of III, IV, or V. i really hate the new sprite work at times and the wonky zoom in/out. didn’t care for the new character designs either. V Special was the exception because it went a little more towards its roots in terms of gameplay but it still looks like shit imo. VI was kinda silly but it was fun to play.

the whole “simple but deep” that the first two samsho games had, lent to the high risk/reward without depending on too much integrated systems. i get that new system functions can revive curiosity for fans to keep coming back, but this time i hope it goes back to samsho I/II style since it’s been so long.


I liked that they expanded the mobility of the characters in the later games. It gives you options especially when cornered and could potentially eat a ton of damage so it’s nice that the rolls and hops give you the possibility for escape.

I also REALLY hope they don’t put the dizzy system that 2 had in, that was jokes.


Personally I’m hoping that the ultra violence from V special carries over.


Footsie game is what I came to play. When counters happen, both players should feel the anguish.


One thing @Laban mentioned to me on Twitter was how he liked how in the old games there was no warning that you had to start mashing buttons on clash. So it there ends up being a few frantic moments when the clash starts.

I kinda get it, getting clashed ends up having this short “shock” as it registers, then you remember you need to start hitting buttons to win it.

He pointed out that, in the trailer, the characters do seem to ease into the clash animation, so that the above may not be the case.


“amakusa” is “ah mahcks kah” or “ah mahcks tah” or “ah mocks skah” or “ah mox staw” I don’t know what he is saying:


Is he having a hands on experience? or part of the tester?


No, that’s just from closely observing the trailer.

He’s just saying Amakusa. The difference is that, in English pronunciation, we tend to put a stress accent on later syllables, so people would normally pronounce it as “ah-mah-KOO-sa”. In Japanese pronunciation, you don’t usually have stress accented syllables. However, this means that, to a native English speaker, some syllables, such as the “ku” in this case sound like they’re rushed over.


I still hope they would find a better way than rapid press inputs.

Interesting part is having just the need to react fast is a good thing.


A really fast input that pops up on the screen real quick, and the first to input it would win. Would be kind of better than rapid presses

Anything that saves the controllers and sticks from abuse lol

Or maybe something more like samurai Kirby lol


Sticks and buttons are made to take abuse, that shouldnt be a consideration. Besides, in the later games, clashes happen rarely anyway. IV and V have a good statement for deciding who wins clashes so I think it would be wise to return to those if they don’t have a better one in place.

That said though, clashes don’t happen that often and even when they do, in all the games except 5Sp, the etiquette a lot of players seem to play by is to let the losing player grab their weapon before the match continues, so it really ends up being little more than a time waster for the most part of that’s the rule.


Who the hell is going to go to tournament and play by “etiquette” rules. You lose your weapon I’m going to set up camp around it and do everything in my power to keep you from retrieving it.


Not even a stressed syllable thing. Sometimes in japanese you will skip over the vowel sounds, the ‘su’ here is dropping the ‘u.’

Like Asuka in Tekken is not pronounced Ah-Su-Kah, it sounds more like Ah-ska.
Here’s an example:


Playstation Japan tweeted a video with footage from the last trailer, but with a new song


When it comes to Asuka I just thought it might be her dialect.


That’s the the natural way that syllables such as su (す, ス) and ku (く, ク) are pronounced in Japanese.

When I mention “accents”, I refer to the fact that some languages, especially English, have a tendency to stress certain syllables in words.

In Japanese, if there’s an extended vowel sound in a syllable, then it’s actually spelled out that way in the kana (e.g. すぅ/スゥ), which then extends to the romaji (suu).


I agree with you, but the circumstances in which you’d lose your weapon to random clashes in 1 & 2 are such that in order to make the game not bullshit, the communities play with the understanding that if you lose your weapon via clash, the opponent lets you pick it up, online anyway. I played in the SS2 tourney at Evo and they didn’t have anything like that though.


Is the outcome of the clash still random in 2?


Which means that Akuma is pronounced “Ahk-mah”


No it doesn’t