Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown - 2019


It’s more like gō (as in pass go collect $200) kē (as in where is my house key).

I hope this game doesn’t have runners in the background throwing in health and bombs at random intervals. Do you guys think the game will have EX moves, I believe 4 had some attacks expanded while you were raged but there were very few that I recall (honestly the only one that comes to mind off hand was Genguro getting more hits on his DP ending with a downward slash), and if the game has EX moves how will they be activated?


Please no EX moves. The last time SNK added EX moves to a game, it ruined said game’s neutral. To the point where they had to change how EXs were used in the next game just to make it play like how the series used to.


It would not be pronounced that way. As has been mentioned, not every sound in Japanese is modified like that. (And it isn’t a hard rule, many exceptions, it can change between dialects, etc)


I’d be fine with EX moves if they’re only available in rage explosion or state of nothingness (but not both), but either should still destroy your pow meter when used. Seeing how many 2d and 2.5d fighters are now I’d be somewhat surprised to see no form of EX attacks whatsoever, but if they have to use them, I say attach them to one of the single use meter destroying mechanics.


Given how ubiquitous EX moves are, it would be a bold statement to not include them.

I’d be fine with them in State of nothingness, that would make it a very scary mechanic


I hope this game is very simple. No EX, no millions of other sub systems.

Just one rage meter that lets you do supers thats it.


maybe using an EX special instead of weapon break, since wp is usually hard to land, when Rage meter is filled up.

i didn’t see any meters (or UI elements) in the trailer so it’s just guessing at this point.


My problem with EX is that they often come at the expense of non-meter powered specials, with properties formerly assigned to them now being locked behind meter. That the case for both SFIV and SFV, and more importantly, that was the case for King of Fighters XIII as well. XIV tries to fix the latter, but it’s method of tying them to Max mode and simply making most of them combo filler that do more hits doesn’t seem like a solution that works for SamSho.


As much as possible having a few gauge on screen and making the gauge solely for rage moves is better rather than sharing it with another offensive mechanic for an SS game.

I would prefer multiple rage/super attack that all consume the full/whole meter rather than multiple ex specials.


I don’t think ex’s will make a come back, they haven’t since 4

Gonna be weird playing a new ss, so used to the engine from 4 which most of the latter ones based off of i wonder how the basics of the game will feel

The only thing i hope are still around are the universal deflect and rage explosion issen and that rage stops time, ex moves state of nothingness can go

actually thinking about it i kinda wish they would go back to unique throw animations the generic shove into slash is so fucking old now, and one other thing, make lows do more damage just like in ss2

I still cant get over the fact we’ll see another ss, i wonder what new stuff will be in the game ? i wonder what we will see the end of, things like the back turn state ect ect it’s gonna be fun


It wouldn’t be that basic and bland, if it got multiple choices of Rage/Super but the thing is they should use it wisely and carefully because it would take a full meter.


I just want throws to not be wonky like in V SP where you’d get a dodge sometimes.


Despite bringing up the topic I actually hope for the exclusion of EX moves, I just assume they will be in in some form due to current fighting game trends.

Regarding other forms of metered attacks, the trailer hasn’t shown any bars of any sort, but we see what I assume to be issen slashes (red background, cinematic angle, late reaction on hit character), and Haohmaru has two other attacks with cinematic angles (I assume they are both supers of some sort but the big slash gets a darkened background on start up while the repeated dp slashes gets a gold background change). We see gold background for two other cinematic attacks (Jubei and Nak) but the cinematic Earthquake attack has a darkened background. From this I’ll assume each character will get an Issen, a WFT, and an additional super attack (no idea what to call it yet nor activation conditions). I also don’t think either of the super like attacks are fatalities since both times Haoh attacks with one during the trailer he is counterattacking Jubei who just whiffed, I recall fatalities all having a dash start up (like issen but during rage instead).

Considering the background color for the presumed Issen attacks I’m choosing to assume they are connected to Rage explosion rather than State of nothingness (I currently see no evidence of State of nothingness returning in this game). I do believe Pow meter is returning simply due to the back to back clash sequence of the trailer (Haoh v Jubei, Haoh’s cheek is very red and he’s probably in POW, but against Galford his face is normal, I also don’t believe Haoh rage exploded due to the background being normal).

Take this all with a grain of salt but the heavy use of background changes throughout the series gave a certain tension and as well as stage wide indicators of action and potential. They clearly want to continue that trend, so any background effects should be examined in coming trailers.


Absolutely hoping this comes to PC!

I’m hoping that when it arrives it will come (in North America) fully uncensored and including Japanese audio options.

Its nice to see many of the original characters pictured (quickly) during the video above, but I really hope the roster is not limited to Samurai Spirits/Showdown 1 sizing. There are many favorites including boss characters from throughout the 2D versions of the series, and it would be nice if they could launch with a good portion of them all the way through Samurai Showdown V Special. While I figure its almost a given that they will have additional characters released through DLC / Season Passes like many other modern AAA fighters, I don’t want that to be a reason to be stuck with an anemic roster, fail to support unlockable-through-play sub-bosses, bosses, and other special characters, or otherwise limit things.

With luck the game will offer a real evolution for the series and include the many thriving modes that we see in other titles like BlazBlue CentralFiction (story is especially notable, in depth, and well done here, per character), Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and what we hear from the upcoming Soul Calibur VI ! In any event, it is certainly on my radar if it arrives on PC!

Would be nice if they showcase Ukyo 's play next video… He was one of my favorite characters from the original.


The aesthetics are already not just good but near PERFECT, all we need now is to know the mechanics of the game.


in 2003 someone said “Ahk-mah” in a CVS2 (arcade) game.

I didn’t know who “Ahk-mah” was lol


lol yeah or having player 1 win everythrow clash, that was wack

whens the next event where this game is gonna be shown? i thought it was supposed to be at the tgs, but i aint seen nothing


Can someone please explain to me how previous mechanics worked? What’s issen? How is rage used? Under what condition can you break or remove your opponent weapon?


Pow accumulates when hit. When Pow is full you do more damage and are able to use Super (aka Weapon Flipping Technique, or WFT (in some games this breaks while others it just disarms them)) which depletes the Pow meter on hit otherwise Pow goes away after a set amount of time (some games it is dependent on the character).

Issen is a quick dash attack that deals at least 30% of health minimum and has different activation requirements depending on the game (in 5/sp you need to be in state of nothingness).

State of nothingness (performed BCD) slows down the opponent for a limited amount of time and extends their hit stun, it also allows you to perform an Issen attack. Requirements for activating State of nothingness are you must be below your concentration point on your health meter and loss of the current round would mean your loss of the match, it also destroys your Pow meter for any remaining rounds.

Rage explosion (ABC) is an unblockable and invincible hit that does no damage and pushes the opponent back, for a limited time you do more damage (more than Pow increase) and have access to WFTs, and in certain games fatalities (fatalities conditions are the opponent must be able to go into state of nothingness) when Rage expires your pow meter is gone for the remaining rounds.

I’m sure there is stuff I’m currently leaving out but I’ve got somewhere to be, hopefully someone else fills you in on the things I missed or abbreviated.


Need to mention that a lot of that stuff (Issen, state of nothingness, etc.) only exists in later games. You won’t see them in say, SamSho 2.