Samurai Superfly

considering how many characters I have floating around my head, I need to get off my lazy ass and draw more.

One of the ideas I had is Samurai Superfly (silly name…that’s why I like it :p). basically it takes samurai and chinese warlord designs and mixes it with street clothes or fashions…whatever. It’s been done before, but it seems like it would be fun to mess with.

the pic was a bit close so I couldn’t get too nuts with the design…maybe next time. messed up his hand too :frowning:

Overall Not Bad…yeah…the left hand is off and a bit Flat…the Pinky? maybe on the angle that the arm is facing it would be the Ring Finger:confused:… cross contour lines will help that- to bring it out and give it some Dimention, also for quick reference, use a mirror to help with hand gestures …keep the sketches coming dude.:slight_smile:


Yeah, the hands could use a little work.

But hey, Cheers! Pretty neat stuff…

This is really great stuff, man. You could fix the hand up in a matter of seconds. You just need to seperate the middle finger from the one right next to it… you see? they’re both coming from one point. :eek:

You should draw the point where the finger closer to the camera comes from a bit lower than the point where the middle finger comes from. Try a bit of erasing if you care.