Samurai Tenka fans, what are the boss dialogues and endings?

I don’t think I’ve seen a site where this is seen and Gamefaqs has absolutely nothing on this game, not even a movelist.

The only ones that I know so far are these with their endings being described:

4th Boss - Rimururu
7th Boss - Galford
Goes home with Rimururu, with Galford there for ‘safety’.

4th Boss - Haohmaru
7th Boss - Yumeji
Something to do I believe with Kei.

4th Boss - Kyoshiro
7th Boss - Nakoruru
Has Nakoruru as well as the four gems (Kyoshiro, Haohmaru, Sieger and Jubei) and takes over the world.

Cham Cham
4th Boss - Ochamaro
7th Boss - Tam Tam
About to fight Yoshitora who offers her a fruit (similar to Ibuki’s Pocket Fighter ending).

Since I’m not sure of the Samurai Shodown collection, I’m curious to know who fights who in the game and, if possible, a small description of their ending.

No one knows the translations quite yet…if someone would know it’d be fubarduck because he reads Japanese…

There was a siteon gamefaqs removed long ago…but it was from DJ Tigresa and it was removed…so you WON’T find any move lists etc. I’ve got some down I put as people ask…but I aint gonna sit and put down every damn movelist in the game…