San Antonio 2002


San Antonio 2004

If it was up to me, you motherfuckers would stop coming up to me with your hands out, like you want something free. When my last CD was out, you wasn’t bumping me. But now that I got this new company, everybody want to come to me, like it was some disease! But you won’t get a crumb from me, 'cause I’m from the streets of Compton. I told 'em all, all them little gangstas, who you think helped mold 'em all? Now you all running round talking 'bout guns like I ain’t got none. What, you think I sold 'em all? 'Cause I stay well off? Now all I get is hatemail all day saying Dre fell off. What? 'Cause I been in the lab, with a pen and a pad, trying to get this damn label off? I ain’t having that. This is the millennium of aftermath. It ain’t gonna be nothing after that, so give me one more platinum plaque and fuck rap you can have it back.

So where’s all the mad rappers at? It’s like a jungle in this habitat. But all you savage cats knew that I was strapped with gats when you were cuddling the cabbage patch.

Go to Tournaments and Events and check for tourney infos and stuff. Word, San Antonio is on, slice.


Da Doctah Dee! 0wnZin uP iN diS bIIIIIIyaaaaaaaTCH!!! DuH bAddEsT nEEEEEEgAAAAAHHHH in TeXaS!!!

pot pies are yummy


san antonio! great!


I love Dr. Deelite


Where do most of you play at. Im going to SA this weekend and also at the end of june.


Liar. I thought you didn’t play any more.


if you guys don’t mind a drive out here ta az, we are havin a tourney for mvc2, cvs2 and st on june 29/30.

check the tourney thread. look for huge at the beginning…



Darth has summer classes, but I am going to try and make it to the tourney this weekend.

MvC2 is fun, I need to play it more.


so where do people in ‘san antonio’ play? cause i am going there in two weeks for about 6 days and would love the see the different level of play…


Yeah, that’s me ownin’ up. Betta recognize. My APEX ranking speaks all by itself.

Joe - Chris is cheating again, only this time he’s using Mags/Spiderman/Ironman :mad:


hehehehe… one hit kill w/ all three characters baby!!! whoo hoo. :slight_smile:


NUH UH!!! anyway… joe i think i may need a ride to the tourney tomorrow… and ive once again lost your cell number… so if you actually COULD give me a ride… uhhh… hopefully, you still know my home number… if not… ummmm… just post i guess. hopefully ill get to go… this’ll be my last one :(… and i still havent won… man, i suck.


hey, hey joe, playa i gotcha money dontcha worry, oh no! :lol:


North Again…*

Hey yo Ned, meet up at North Mall* Wednesday**(June 26th)** around 11:30AM-5:30PM…
I’ll be there with bells on…



Nedinski, Meet Up…

Hey yo Ned, I’ll be at North Star Mall today**(June 26th)**, at around 12:00 noonish-5:30 PM…
Head up there, I’ll even bring my Smash Brotherin’ memory card…
Last time ryu showed up…
See what’s up…



The Tekken World’s Converting…

Hey yo Ned, the Tekken world is practically converting to the land of Calibur/Calibur
You should head to Zaibatsu, read the SA related threads and all that jive…
Anyways, I brought a treat for peeps to download below…

*P.S.-What’s Up With Me Of All People Keeping The SA Thread Alive, Hell I Still Play Power Stone Pt.1…



Heading over to S.A. this weekend, are there any tournies for MvC2 going on?

If not, where is the best place to play? Which Diversions is the best?


Well since it’s quiet round’ here…
San Pedro’s Diversions will do for comp’(Hopefully)
Hopefully people are reading this, maybe you’ll find some comp’…
As far as MvC2 tournies, they have little mini-tournies ever other week it seems, so maybe you’ll luck out…



Who do you use in Power Stone, MMK?

Are you ready for Dallas Galuda?

  • Aaron Shapiro



Do y’all have a Freebird’s down there? I want one of those DOPE azz burritos. Those burritos are the shit!