San Antonio casual matches

Well, after going to great lengths to record and encode this footage, I’m pleased to present to the world several hours of footage between three of us here in San Antonio (though actually one of the guys came in from out of town). The three guys are pressure elemental and rush down god Magneto-X, up and coming beast Andjita, and some scrub named Carnevil :looney:

There’s currently three days worth of footage. 4/16 is just me and Magneto-X, 4/20 is me, Magneto-X and Andjita, and 4/21 is me and Andjita. It’s all really good stuff.

If you guys like the footage, I’d be happy to tape and capture more of it. It’s a lot of work to do all the capturing and splitting, so I’ll only do it if you guys really want it.

You can grab the matches here:

Enjoy! :lovin:

EDIT: NEW FOOTAGE! I’ve added another day’s worth of matches with me and Magneto-X. You can grab them here:

Watched a couple since i’m from SA and it’s cool to see good players vids from around here. Good stuff although I still enjoy seeing rarer characters overcoming the odds videos in competitive fights.

nice ill be checking these out :tup:

Well, there’s some matches where Magneto-X uses Iron Man. That’s about as rare of characters as you’ll see in these vids, though :wgrin:

Heh! I didn’t know it would be this soon for the match’s.:lovin:
I think you should change the name to Mvc2 Casual Mag_X vs Carnevil and others! That way people can know before they come in the thread who’s playing.

Just a thought. I watched some matches, thats tight. I wish we could put the names on the vid like under the power bars or something. Lolz. Might be to much work though.
Aim or call me later!:wgrin: :wgrin:

Where are you guys playing, at Carny’s? I live really close to there. PM me if you want another, if I’m not working or watching a playoff game I’m down. I don’t get out to SW Mil area often because that’s like a 40 minute drive.

Hey Great footage! Impressive defense man :angel:

Download right now.

great stuff carn and good shiz to my boy Mag X :lovin:

Thx man, Heh. We are alway’s training for evo, we’ve gotten better since then also. We will have more to come.
Imma hit ya up on aim as always my nig!:lovin: :wgrin:

Alright, will do. We should be playing sometime again within the next week.

PMF/DJ-B13: Thanks! :lovin: You’re forced to build up your defense quickly after playing Mag-X a bunch :lol:

:rock: :tup:

of course, of course :lovin:

yep good stuff Carn~!!!:angel: oh yea I bet your D must be top notch then ~!!!

Alright guys, we have NEW FOOTAGE! Mag-X and I played about a week ago, and fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately in my case) I recorded some of it. Lots of good stuff as always.

You can grab the matches here:

Enjoy! :lovin: And hey, let’s see some comments on these matches! :tup:

Comment: No one cares. Rog.

Where do ya’ll meet for these casuals?

My apartment near UTSA. Wanna play sometime?

I’m usually clearn to play Sunday through Tuesday. Otherwise I work or I’m out. But yeah for sure man. When do ya’ll usually play?

They never play on tuesdays or wednesdays :sweat: They play on console, if you needed a stick jus let me know, I could lend you mine. I hardly have time to play these days.

Um, yes we do. What gave you that idea? Anyway, we pretty much play any time during the week. Right now I have a morning class M-F at 8am. I’m pretty much free anytime during the day, but can’t play too horribly late since I have to be up early these days :\ Just PM me or hit me up on AIM sometime if you feel like playing. Seriously man, any time… except 8-11am M-F :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, it’s on console. I’m not rich enough to afford a cabinet :lovin: