San Antonio MvC2 Tournament!

hey guys ima have another tourney…
havent threw one in a while…
well heres everything…

1312 South West Military Drive
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
May 6, 2006
Entry fee: $5.00
Time: 6:00 p.m
Tournamnet Rules!
No Gamebreaking Glitches!
Double Elimination!
Finals will be discussed!

1st place) 80% cash pot
2nd place)15% cash pot
3rd place) 5% cash pot(money back) lol…

well if ya’ll have any questions or suggestions please post

p.s: by the time this tourney comes…well have 2 MVC2 cabinets…
and yes…the controls finally work!

Any chance Deelite will attend? I hear his msp is the bomb.

i dont know the guy but i hear he hardly plays anymore…
but idk…

Sounds good, hopefully we can get some cc guys up there.


go for it man…
i look forward to it! :wgrin:

yo rudy is this still going tohappen?

yeah man…
are you guys coming over?

man i really want to, been saying id comeover there for a while its just that is going to be before my finals once i figure out the dates on my finals ill tell u for sure but rt now id say its like 50 50 chance of me or anyone from atx coming ill let u know asap. if i come ill try and
convince a few others to come

damn rudy it looks like u play everyteam in the game now lol

alright go for it man…i just hope ya’ll can make it down here…

im like blah on some of the teams…im just working right now on my MSS…

I am halfway considering showing up!