San Antonio player looking for matches.... Anyone go to or live near UTSA?

Fighting Game Resume:
SSBM (Peach/Gannondorf)
3rd Strike (Elena/Remy… mostly Elena)
GG Accent Core (Robo-Ky/Faust)
A little bit of CVS 2 (Cammy, Blanka, Honda/Sagat, sometimes Yamazaki)

I go to UTSA, but I only know Rudy to play any 2d fighters. I would get a community going, but I’m low on money and lack copies of 3rd strike and Accent Core.

I’m going to give up entering Brawl tournaments. But I enjoy playing the game against friends. It sucks for a tournament scene though.

Anyone down for some matches in any of my games?

omg Kyle OMG!! there’s already a San Antonio thread :frowning:

Please post in the San Antonio thread