San Antonio Texas Beat down Results


Hey all who attended, great games. Saw some original stuff tonight (and we all know how often THAT happens anymore)
As for results, Andre took First, I got Second, and Jimmy got third. Single match tourney’s are:lame: but it was good fun for all.
Hopefully we can make this a montly thing 'round here. Next time 2 out of 3 :smiley:


The next time there are single match games I’m putting a missle under the cabinet to blow it out of the arcade. NOW have single match. :mad:

Good games JJ. I’m not suprised you lost and all 'cuz of the 1 match deal. I think you would have taken it in the long run.


Randomness is the king :slight_smile:


no bad ass moves happened. And it only lasted about 1h 1/2