San Bernardino - Inland Empire


Looking to do some casuals or locations of cabinets for SSFIV:AE 2012. Anyone know or is interested?


I’m down to play. Where abouts in San Bernardino are you?


Hey so whats up with this im in colton kind of by valley and would like to get something going as well.


Bump in the hope that someone posts.


im in San Bernardino CA as well i been looking for some players to play/ spar casually as much as possible because im pretty tired of online the lag is annoying but anyways im new around here (but i been playing FG’s for a long time im just new to this site)my friend told me this was the place to find players to play with offline so anyone here in San Bernardino as well that would like to play? maybe even get a group going to have some casuals and spar and what not


Been MIA but where is everyone at???


in Upland looking to play


Let set something up guys


where the casuals at turn up


I was in Riverside last week with some Marvel heads and they even had Project M! Good ppls


Hey if anyone is interested my crew will be throwing a All-Night session on the 22nd in gearing up for SCR, it will be in Colton, so if you want to attend just PM me for details


Hey everyone,

I live in San Bernardino near Colton High School off the 10 freeway. I can throw casuals if people are interested, I only play Marvel but I own a good number of titles like AE, BB, Injustice, MK, PS4, Brawl. I got 2 to 3 setups and a spare stick ready any time and I can drive out, but mainly I want to find someone to train on Marvel with locally without going out to UCR.

Hit me up anytime, thanks!


Damn that’s pretty close to where i live as far as FGC scenes go lol. How many people do you usually have playing?


I’m in the Loma Linda area looking for people to play casuals with. Just started playing a few months ago.


I live in Rancho Cucamonga, Looking for some players. Online & offline to get some games in with.

My 360 Tag is PhiZaRoaH


Just gonna leave this here. Upcoming tournament for Ultra, Melee, and Project M. PM me if you’d like more details! Clicking the picture will take you to the Facebook event page.


Anyone here stay close to san Bernardino?? Been looking for players to have gatherings (mostly tekken players to run some ttt2 offline sets)


In fontana if anyone near wanna play


There’s casuals usually every Saturday at UC Riverside, if you want to travel a little bit (30 mins).


Hey guys. We’ve got a tournament coming up next Saturday (1/24) in Vegas that has managed to land a pretty big pot bonus. Already just shy of $1k and growing.

If you or anyone you know is interested in making their way over to Vegas please spread the word. Thanks!

Registration and info: