San Bernardino - Inland Empire


I’m in the Loma Linda area looking for people to play casuals with. Just started playing a few months ago.


I live in Rancho Cucamonga, Looking for some players. Online & offline to get some games in with.

My 360 Tag is PhiZaRoaH


Just gonna leave this here. Upcoming tournament for Ultra, Melee, and Project M. PM me if you’d like more details! Clicking the picture will take you to the Facebook event page.


Anyone here stay close to san Bernardino?? Been looking for players to have gatherings (mostly tekken players to run some ttt2 offline sets)


In fontana if anyone near wanna play


There’s casuals usually every Saturday at UC Riverside, if you want to travel a little bit (30 mins).


Hey guys. We’ve got a tournament coming up next Saturday (1/24) in Vegas that has managed to land a pretty big pot bonus. Already just shy of $1k and growing.

If you or anyone you know is interested in making their way over to Vegas please spread the word. Thanks!

Registration and info:


fgc in inland empire is dead


You’re not lying…


Free Casuals in Inland Empire (Upland,Ca) Wed Feb 4th

Lately the I.E has been kinda dead as far as casuals. So we want this to become the new training hq for all fighting games. We are located in downtown upland right off the 10 freeway, and we have room for probably 40+ people to hang out and play, drink, whatever. We mainly play Ultra, 3rd Strike and Marvel. But we are open to any game. Its BYOC, and we only have 3 xbox setups. So if you want to play a specific game you will have to bring your own setup.


There are 3 bars literally one minute walking distance from where you will be playing. There are 3 restuarants, and a bunch of other little food places within walking distance.

I dont use shoryuken very often so if you need more info. Join the Inland Empire Battle Grounds group on facebook.


Someone bring back the fgc in this area


Anyone remember the swapmeet tourneys Eugene used to run back in 03? Those were so great. Did Gladys get shutdown ?


Is there anything going on in the IE? With EVO only 2 weeks away I want to practice up beforehand. I live in Yucaipa.


I just moved back to the I.E. after seven years is the community really dead?


I wish it wasn’t ive been looking for other players nearby


@crazybone12002, in Colorado the fgc would have spots reserved at sportsbars and I’ve seen it done with other groups as well idk if this could be accomplished here. then again Colorado is a geek haven of all sorts.


I’m in the I.E. Burritow on PSN


Came back to cali after living in SOVA for 3 years, where do all the locals happen? Where do people play around here or specifically around riverside?


SFV Tourney in Victorville Monday 4/04/16


hey guys looking for some SFV training buds on PSN if any one is down. I’m in the I.E.