San Diego 3s/MvC2/Hsf Tourney - 8/12

This is the Last tourney before EVO finals

$6 per game
double elimination

718 rancho santa fe rd
San Marcos CA 92078 (north county san diego)

5pm-?? Sat 8-12-06

Got 2 TVs (maybe 3)
DC for MVC2 - must provide your own converter
PS2 for 3rd/HSF
BYOC recommended
If needed i have an xbox handy too. Is 3s better on PS2 or Xbox?

Third Strike, MvC2, Hsf

Pot money, and some random prizes (1st-%70, 2nd -%20, 3rd-%10)

PM/email - for sign ups
aim = yellowvader
email =

this isnt to far from where I live I might go. Is this going to be at your house?

no, this is goin to be held at a lan center

Third Strike

  1. John (gamelink)
  2. Chris (backstab)
  3. Bryan
  4. Mike
  5. Rob
  6. Viscant
  7. Danny G
  8. Killer70
  9. Doctorskull


  1. John (gamelink)
  2. Rodchan
  3. Noaffinity
  4. Viscant
  5. Frank
  6. Danny

Marvel vs Capcom2

  1. John (gamelink)
  2. frankie
  3. SmoothAssassin
  4. Squiggleworkz

Working on rallying up the HSF SD crew. Should be at least 2 of us, possibly up to 4. Paging Rodchan…paging Rodchan…

sighn me up for marvel, hopefully more people sighn up cuz it wont be much of a tournament with 3 people. Ill se if I can get some of the south sd players to go.

I’m in for all 3.

–Jay Snyder

I guess im down for marvel sign me up

what is this?! is that mo money!?
you better change your name!! haha

Feel free to come early and practice

And the matches will be video taped too

Our first successful tourney!!
Thanks to all that showed up to the tourney. We will be posting the brackets shortly.
We will definetly throw some more tourneys.

*Drop us any suggestions are comments about this tournament

erm, how about in the southbay rather than way the fuck out in the boondogs?. yeh i work in the kearny mesa/clairemont area but man, your WAY out there. that’s why comp. here sucks ass.

Decent tourney, and decent turn-out. Not bad, all-in-all, for a first run. Of course you already know this, but next time, have enough consoles for both TV’s. :wink: Also, if room can be made, I have a 27" RCA TV I can donate to create a 3rd console station. It’s not in the best of shape, but works great for console play.

^Darkumas made it up from Chula Vista, which was about a 45 minute drive each way for him. There are always plenty of excuses as to why one can’t do something, and they are usually much easier to come up with than is the will to actually do it. :wink:

You’re Chris right?
That donation would be great. Running two tv’s is what we’re going to do next time.
We got to play more HSF,

Darren I want a shoto match against you. That would be some good practice for me. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s me. :slight_smile: I’ll get the TV to Rodchan, or bring it up next event. BTW, did you record the HSF2 matches? And if so, when and where are they going up?

hmmm didnt know about this would have gone i need to check this section more often or start a mailing list.

anyone down to play marvel this sunday? Haven’t checked gamlink out yet.