San Diego, CA SSF4: The Box Arena @ UCSD - Winter GameFest 2011


In an effort to expand and support the Fighting Game Community, The Box Arena has agreed to host Super Street Fighter 4 at Winter GameFest 2011. This tournament is a FREE event with guaranteed prize pool of $500 and prizes. Super Street Fighter 4 will be held on 8 stations with the standard Asus monitors and PlayStation 3.

Winter GameFest also hosts many other games such as Super Smash Bros., Call Of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo:Reach.

The Box Arena - Main - The Box Arena To Host SSF4 @ Winter GameFest - 2011

Feel free to join and look at the Facebook event page as well:
Event Page

Price Center Ballrooms
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, United States

Saturday, January 22
Arrive by 10:00am

Come one come all and good luck to all contenders!




When they asked for “Team Name” on registration I wasn’t supposed to put anything right?


I’m sure it doesn’t matter, but to be safe, I would just put your tag.

And good shit to Box for handling this! I was worried about how unsmoothly this shit was gonna flow.

See you all there (the ball and chain is feeling lighter and lighter)


This will be a singles tournament. Just as Mr. King mentioned just put your gamer tag and you should be set. This step is just for Winter Game Fest. Once you check in at the front lobby make your way at the SSF4 pools area. From there, members of The Box Arena will be accepting signups where we will seed and enter you in the bracket.


Kinda glad in a way that box is handling this tourney, I remember back when super came out, there was a tourney that me, maku, certified, cody, and tae went too… cody put me in loosers early in the tourney, and was able to go through loosers undefeated… then grand finals came around, and I wasnt in it… it was cody vs certified, finally when I asked the guy running the tournament wtf is going on… he said I finished 4th place… =/


Winter Game Fest VI is Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 9pm in PC Ballrooms A/B, PC Ballroom East, and the Multipurpose Room and is FREE to attend! Even if you’re not registered for a tournament you can still have a great time. Here’s why:

-FREE raffle prizes (XBox360, Kinect, Blizzard games, and more)
-FREE givaways from our sponsors ((RedBull, Popchips, bumper stickers, keychains, wristbands, coupons, vouchers, soundtracks)
-GIANT free play section
-Live background game music done by UCSD’s very own DVC and Chip-Tuners
-Live commentary for the tournament matches
-Spectator seating in front of the 40 ft. jumbotron screen

Whether you come for the whole day or you’re there for just half an hour. I guarantee you’ll have a blast.

So come stop by Price Center sometime this weekend! Hope to see you there.

For tournament participants:
If you’re registered for a tournament already. Check your emails tonight for details about the tournament, check-in times/locations, what to bring, and some clarification about rules etc. Make sure you’re on time the day of your tournament.

If you haven’t registered for a tournament. Do it now, it’s FREE (except Smash)! Registration will close at 4:30pm today. We will only take at the door signups if there are open slots in the tournament.