San Diego CC Issue #00

For those of you who know, how much did the San Diego Comic Convention Issue #00 cost originally? I read the MSRP is $16.95, but for those who had bought the issue at the actual convention, what did it cost?


We sold them originally for 2 bucks at SDCC.

Then due to popular demand, the small amount left over were sold at Wizard World and Toronto Con for 5 bucks.

At one point, it was at EBAY for as high as 63 bucks.

Nowadays, the average price is at around 10 to 15 dollars.

Pardom my ignorance but is it not possible for you guys to do a online subscription from

That way we can all get the comics we want from you instead of from eBay which will benefit everyone…

Even if you cant sell them yourselves, why not give comic books a hand by forwarding on subscription requests in their area that you recieve at the site. This would be esspecially useful in the UK where comics are harder to get get hold of.

Mohammed Ali

I dunno about a subscription cuz that would kill the comic book stores, but a collectors club would be cool. Like how on, you can get exclusive toys if you are signed into the club. We should do that with SF and have exclusive club only covers and stuff.

As Wolfkiller said, us doing a online subscription will piss off retailers ROYALLY…

I have always been saying this - as the “new generation” of customers, we cannot rely on the comic stores to “choose” what we will get. We have to go and tell the stores IN ADVANCE that we wanted something and be persistant and get them to order the itemns in for us.

It is a different market now. Retailers are not fond of keeping things in stock. They just want to maximize their investment return by making sure that everything sells out and they make their bucks. It seems to me that they do not wish to get stuck with any over stock that will not sell, coz those are their money invested. Very understandable, but that also eliminates the survival any new independent titles because most of those books were not even given a chance to reach the customers’ hands.

So, in order to get what you want, you MUST tell your retailer IN ADVANCE what you need and have them order it.

This goes for EVERYTHING. Not only the SF Comics. This is the only way that we can make things happen…

Thats cool. I’ll try to do that, although there are no comic shops in Cambridge (which is where I live for half the year), so I’ll look some up in London - suggestions anyone?

I see what you mean about subscriptions but could there not be more envolvement for us on the website??? Special incentives for those of us that are hard core collectors or something?

Does anyone have any ideas, then maybe Erik can follow them up if they are worthwhile…

Mohammed Ali

Hey Mohammad Ali excluding special & back-issues here you know you can order the comics from Forbidden Planet in Cambridge don’t you? That’s where I used to get mine.

I do think we should have a special SF comic forum at the site though… Then again maybe not it would make this place redundant :smiley: Though on the subject of the website are the previews going to be updated for the 2nd arc other than #7 anytime soon or as they come?

I’ve heard of that shop…
Where is Forbidden Planet? as its not in city centre (as far as I can tell).

Bit of shame about the specials and backs, as I need somewhere that has those. Anyone have suggestions about where in Central or East London is good for comics as I’m there during breaks from Uni.

As for the site, how about a few more extras. New desktops would be nice.

Mohammed Ali

It’s up a street called Burleigh Street about halfway up the road, it’s a road just to the right of the Grafton Centre going past shops like GameStation, Game, etc, from going towards the main entrance’s point of view basically, it’s a small shop in Cambridge, wouldn’t be surprised if it is the smallest branch, btw the logo is just a simple FP, which sticks out on a sign as I recall.

Are any #00 cover variants going to be available at upcoming comic conventions? Specifically the WizWorld Chicago in August?


Also, are all the #00 the same inside with different covers only?