San Diego College Area TvC comp anyone?

Hi. Looking for TvC comp in San Diego at SDSU College Area. Saturdays. Only got pads. Bring your own controller if you got them. You know this game is going to be in EVO this year. You know San Diego gots to own it.
Also. Cap SNK2 and KoF 98 UM on Sundays in Santee if anyone is interested.
BYOB etc

I have the game but I don’t think that many people here in SD play it. :frowning:

I play it but only using pads. i have no GC stick :frowning:

Yep. :lame:

Well, let’s start some shit up.

I dont have the game cuz Im poor and dont have a wii, but I want to learn how to play and stuff. What time saturday?:wonder:

Late afternoon. 4, 5 pm. Make sure you bring all those people in your AV.

i got the game, and all the characters…
let me know ill hit up aaron his tvc chun is suppose to be godly with mid screen infinite setups. ;X
let me know wussup for saturday…

Yeah i forgot about that. Haven’t played it 1 player mode really. I’ll try to do that tonight. Still down for saturdays. I’ll pm my number and location etc. Let’s fuck it up this years EVO

haha. yea right. i suck at tvc as much as you do :arazz::arazz::arazz: