San Diego: Comic Odyssey's First SF4 Tourney Results

The Results
1 Ken I
2 Mizuno Hadouken
3 Dios <-x->
4 frank fresh
5 unprotectedSEx
5 Kyle C
7 gcsupra

9 Mike A
9 Nick A
9 Jhonny Qurioz
9 Rod
13 Jordan D
13 Anthony D.

Hope more people join next saturday!

KEN I STAY IN LA !!! lol just Kidding damn he’s a beast.

That was fun. Using Sagat for the first time in a tournrey didn’t help me against Ken I. LOL. Shouts out to gcsupra, SESD, Mizuno Hadouken and n3m0n1c for keep it entertaining. Thanks Cody again for organizing the event. Until the next battle.