cvs2 scene’s been so weak lately, well always been, but even worse now…who’s down to play??? post up.


how many people play in sd?

considers road trip

nice post. lets play!!!

around a handful… i usually play at gene wong’s house, and thats best competition right there, and he’s down to play pretty much anyday afterschool.

We need to set up a day to meet up and play. I haven’t played good comp in awhile and I’m getting rusty. I’m always down, I just need people to let me know.

–Jay Snyder

im setting up my coworkers network today will be done around 8. oh yea my phone is dced now…ill pass my new number when i get it.

cvs in SD died when Dan died. Good old p groove.

ive seen him at mission valley a couple times. :shake:

i saw him about a month ago at chula…only he was S-Groove dan that day.

he’s always been c-groove dan…

crackhead dan

do you guys usually play at an arcade or is it mainly a console thing

Usually console, the arcades here are not good for cvs2. ;[

anyone know a cheap boba place in pq/mm?


go to shoo’s house! or vice versa


haha… wtf?

theres a tapioca heaven(i think) in mira mesa near PopEyes Chicken. . … . .and theres another one near by that one in the next block or something.

tapioca heaven is near arby’s and green tea station is near seafood city/mcdonalds.

same old shit, always talking shit behind people’s back…weak :tdown:

BUT i understand… you’re just an overgrown kid… how old are you now? 18?

just wanna say, i love your avatar.

scruffy’s gonna die the way he lived. lol

i’ll be @ gene’s house…friday 3-7… think you can make it?

edit: GENE just told me you didn’t go to EVOworlds…SHAME ON YOU!!!.. haha… we gotta rematch…

i gotta get on that dan plan … and get to evo for free then jet =)