San Diego Guilty Gear Accent Core

With the release of Guilty Gear Accent Core for US ps2 and and wii, a lot of people who didn’t play Guilty Gear before are trying out the game for the first time or getting back into it.

This thread is to help promote getting a scene started in San Diego.
(And also so we will stop cluttering up the Third Strike threads with GG talk)

Hopefully we can get at least few people playing on a regular basis.

I will try to host at my house whenever I can, and please post if you can host as well.

Also, as a lot of the players around here are new, feel free to post any dumb or noobie questions here. I’m pretty new to the game as well, but I will try to answer what I can and point people to the correct page of Dustloop when I can’t.
If you are looking for more experienced players… or events such as ranbats near here, refer to the Socal GG Accent Core Thread located here:

The game is $30 for US ps2. Go get a copy and lets get this shit started. :wgrin:

I just bought it, I want to relearn the basics and start getting some competition, hit me up for casuals or other stuff.

good shit on starting the thread Will. when u up 2 playing again? :lovin:

Which will is this? From temecula?

yeah I bought but it cause its cheap…k so who’s top tier in the game? like begginer friendly but can still put up a fight, and can u explain to me wtf a dust lloop is oh and where can I get a stick for this?

I think ima get my sisters ps2 from her and then buy the game, woot!

naw, not that one. this will lives right by downtown san diego.

the closest to a shoto in this game are Sol and Ky. As for top tiers, eddie’s difficult to learn so i wouldn’t recommend him for a starter unless you’re really determined. Testament’s not too difficult to use, so if you want a top tier, go for him.

Though really, all the chars have a shot at winning, so don’t use tiers to determine who you should play. Just dick around with the chars and find one that you think is fun/interesting to use and go from there.

Nice, a thread for San Diego. ^^ I’m going to try and pick up my copy today at the local gamestop since I called yesterday and they said it would be in today. Where in SD do you happen to live Deci?

sol badguy is top tier, i dont know if he’s as broken in ac as he was in xx. chipp zangief is pretty good too. i’ve been practicing with millia rage and dizzy ;X

im gonna prolly pick up testament. i only used faust before but i guess hes not so good anymore. milia and abba are good too

tier list thread on dustloop:

sol is not top tier. he was in XX, but not afterwads. also it’s chipp zanuff, not chipp zangief.

Begginer friendly, like they said Sol and Ky are a good start, Chip as well, after that it becomes a race to see who can zone who better.
Hence the reason Eddie and Testament are top tier, but the learning curves for both of them are really high.

Personally i use Order Sol and A.B.A but i can’t even hang with the computer (on maniac) because i’m getting zoned out, before I can get in. but enough on that

Anybody willing to host sessions? I want some comp in Guilty Gear!

zanuff zangief same shit. and yea i only know xx so i mentioned i dont know if he’s as broken in xx as he is in ac…
whatever doe! YOUUUUUUUU crank that

I’m pretty stoked to see a bunch of San Diegans just getting into AC and GG in general just like me. Anybody live in north county?

Vista over here sir. :slight_smile:

will or kevin can u guys play tonite? i gots nothing to do, i thought i had to stay in late in the office but i ended up finishing my shit early. ha! hit me up doods!

yeah i’m up for playing tonight, i’ll open my pad for anybody who wants in tonight

pm sent about the session

so its began

im goin to be sd’s best pokey player thats who i am gonna call him pokey

deci were do you live for future references

lol@ pokey wtf?

i’mma take a wild guess and say eddie?