San Diego Guilty Gear Accent Core

cody 20$ says my eddies better than yours. :smiley:

edit: you know im kidding right.


so you go to swc?

do you still go say hi to me so i know who you are
and say hey i know you

i went like last year, i switched to mesa last spring semester
i’ll catch you at an arcade or pad casual and be like “yo I know you!”

Potemkin so pokey as in slow :stuck_out_tongue: not as in poking got it

last question before im mark as spam

did gg ac come out today
is it tomorrow?

i reserved it and no call
even though i use to work there and know how the system works

it shoulda dropped yesterday, but i’ve got the japanese version so i can’t answer that for you… sorry

yah, it came out today, i called gamestop and they had some instock.

on that one can anybody tell me if its worth it to buy the us accent core if i already got the japanese one? i think somebody mentioned some glitch fixes, but if they aren’t game breaking i won’t make the move

@ edison: pm sent

wow, good to see this thread didn’t just instantly die like i was afraid it was going to.

shtkn is the most experienced gg player in sd that i know and everything he said is on point.

the tier list shtkn linked to:
is the most up to date official one. for those too lazy to look there it goes like this:

S: Testament, Eddie, Slayer
A: Baiken, Potemkin, Jam, May, Millia
B: Axl, A.B.A, Zappa, Robo-Ky, Order-Sol, Faust, Venom
C: Sol, Ky, Dizzy, Chipp, I-no
D: Anji, Bridget, Johnny

keep in mind though that the beauty of guilty gear is that the tiers are so close together they mean much less than in other games. other than testament and eddie, all the characters match up fairly well and even then it is very common to see a johnny or bridget player kill an eddie player even in high level competition.
some characters are just harder to learn / use than others.

here is the list for easiest to hardest to play characters from the gg mook:


the above list is kind of the “easy to learn” list… not necessarily the easiest to win with list.
a discussion on this subject can be found here:

as for other stuff.

i live by the airport downtown… right next to the 5.

i’m pretty much down to play whenever.
speaking of which, what days would people want to get together? i want to try to organize some kind of regular day we all get together and play at my place.

oh and as for the US release. the glitches it fixes aren’t game breaking that i know of, but there are some minor gameplay issues that very serious players might care about. i know bridget players complained a lot about the japanese console version.

did someone say they wanted to play today?

hmm, it wierd that chipp is onn the hard list but i’m good with him, while HOS and ABA are on the easier end and i suck with them…

and yeah man, this thread isn’t gonna die, accent core is where its at, and its probably the most begginer friendly (in terms of the new features, specifically teching throws, and slash back) and the most advanced, (with the fairer balancing, force breaking, frcing regular attacks) in the series

^if i got some of that mixed up, correct me i missed out on slash, i let the series go after isuka… lol @ isuka

lets get it goin san diego!

@deci: pm sent

lets play tonite SON! :lovin:

where at?

did laceyan say he wanted to host?

yeah, i’m willing to host, if your willing to come to chula
do you have the us accent core, i only have the japanese one

yah, at laceyan place. i’m not too sure what time i’ll head over there though.

k let me know when you’re gonna head over then edison

give a heads up when your on your way yeah?

yo lacey, i tried calling that number but its disconnected.

just got out of class and coped that gg
gonna play now
maybe at the 3s tourney i can have a extra tv with ac

Potemkin cant dash lol

good shit on hosting tonite lacey. it was a pretty good turn out. gg’s to everyone that raped me tonite (everyone) :sad:

still was hella fun! ^^*