San Diego Guilty Gear Accent Core

im reading these forum boards but its not telling me how to play potemkin

i’m shocked at the turnout myself considering its just wensday night/ thurs mornin, everybody just left, thanks for commin out edison, tenchi, will, jason
good games all around

Dizzy is definitely the way to go
amd that Makoto… was just scary

lol @ still playing 3s

Thanks for having us. GG’s all around. It’s always fun playing with everyone. I don’t know GG:AC but it was still fun. Horray for my first time playing!

I’ll play 3S anytime also, Man my Oro sucks.


hey kevin, since i live close to you know, im down to hang out whenever-

when i was in japland they didnt have much marvel, so i picked up GG. ill play!

it’s funny how the scene for each one of our games consist of players from the other games.

but millia rage bitches!

Will (deci) can you mod/fix my sticks?

thanks for hosting lacey. it was hella fun.

gg’s to everyone who was there.
dizzy is confusing as hell lol. kevin learn those ice spike and bubble loops and she’s crazy.
jason keep reppin that yang!
adam… lol you hit tenchi with so many random ex sho’s. too bad makoto’s overhead stuffs them.
edison, hurry up and get the game. training mode is fun and you’ll be juggling fools in no time.
and tenchi of course, always fun to see you rape at 3s. now go get guilty gear and get better than all of us at it in like a month… bastid.

cody just learn potemkin’s bnb combos… they are pretty easy. also learn back dash pot buster, and tick throw pot buster. crouching slash beats a lot of air dash attacks and sucks people into combos. forward punch is a great anti air and beats tons of stuff.
hell you can just do k, p, s, crouch s, crouch hs, Heat knuckle if they are close. s, crouch s, crouch dust if they are far.
or slide head, hammer break, walk up, k, p, s, crouch s, Heat knuckle (i think that’s how it goes)
and you can do his Heavenly Potbuster super after the crouch s or crouch hs in combos.
the dustloop pot thread should have all that stuff mentioned though.
also go here for frame and move data:

neRemixed - is your stick the one which randomly pauses?

are there videos of a potemkin player?

deci- the dust loop forums- how to play slash potemkin, can i use that for ac???

yes read that thread. all of the potbuster tick throw setups and stuff are pretty much the same. then make sure you read the potemkin accent core thread. the first post lists the changes to him in accent core. most of the new stuff just make him better.
a big difference for combos is that now his 2s sucks people in and cancels into 2hs. so you can pretty much use 2s in almost any combo for added hits.
another major difference is that you can otg (on the ground) hit people after you hit them with slide head and they will pop up into the air allowing you to do an easy combo for big damage. the combo goes like: slide head, hammer break (to get close), walk up, kick, crouch slash, heatknuckle.
the other change i can remember is that his Giganter super acts like aegis reflector kind of and can set up unblockables. only one i know of is knock down, giganter over them, then do slide head (slide head is unblockable outside a certain range, and they can’t jump because of the shield). i think you can reversal out of this but even some reversals will get hit by the shield.
the only real negative change that i can remember is that you can’t combo after a potbuster the same anymore, you have to frc it now.

note: i don’t use pot, so make sure you check all the information i posted above. it probably is not 100% correct.

here is an old slash tutorial thread to give you some ideas:
most of this stuff still works, just remember that theres even better combos after k,p because you can use slash, 2s, instead of just going to 2hs or 2d right away.

you can search youtube for vids easily. here are some examples:
i searched “potemkin accent core” and got:
and i searched “fab po” (fab is probably the best pot in japan)

hope that helps :wgrin:

oh btw, if you haven’t seen it. this is the pimp shit potemkin video by socal’s very own mike z:

Hey SD, Something is going down this Saturday, either at my place or at some dudes in San Clemente.

If any SDers wanna go up to San Clemente i could us a ride, or if we wanna keep it local, i could host a few ppl at my pad, i only got 1 TV and a US PS2 though. So if someone has a US AC they are encouraged to bring it :smiley:

I’m just getting back into GG after like 3 years. i Quit after #R so i’d like to get back into it if anyone wants to play on Sat, i live in UC, if there are a few intersted i’ll put up my address.

ok reading the forums helped me out some what i still got a couple of questions…

  1. when you do the pot buster and they cancel it to a combo, how do you cancel it?

  2. how the hell do you pull off the air pot buster?

this game is dope btw lol

sounds good chris you still got the number? i posted it earlier in the forum as well, just drop a line!

got a main for gg yet?

For UC i’m down, i’ve only got japanese accent core and a modded ps2
on going to san clemente, my cars pretty tiny, but if you want to squeeze in, i’m willing to give you a ride
i’ll post back when i’m 100% sure about sat

Hey guys, I am not in SD anymore but would still be down to meet up for some matches. I live in Irvine area (not too far from San Clemente). I can also host from time to time.

i need to hurry up and buy this and get a ps2 b4 i fall behind everyone.

Buy it up while you can. I called around and only found two GameStops that have any in stock. Maybe Frys but I’m trying to trade stuff in cause I’m broke, haha.

Also, dude. I read DustLoop forums and I see this stuff.
5K, 5S©, 2D, Lv3 632146P dash 5S©, 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, 623HS (209)

Is it me, Or does anyone else feel like "I need to solve for ‘X’ "

maybe some of that god-tier on marvel will drizzle down to guilty gear :lol:
its no rush man, none of us are super l33t at this game YET, but hurry up and get a ps2 or just catch the next session man

guilty gear notation bro, it responds to the key board, i seriously think because dudes were playing reload on the computer for-like-ever

5K, 5S©, 2D, Lv3 632146P dash 5S©, 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, 623HS (209)
nuetral kick, nuetral slash, (cancel) crouching dust, lv3 half circle back forward punch, dash, nuetral slash (cancel) nuetral heavy slash, high jump cancel (super jump, tap down then up) high jump slash, jumping heavy slash, jumping dust, shoryuken heavy slash

sounds like a fun combo for order sol
stick with him tenchi

pss… x-solved (:

almost correct.

when you see the 5S©, it means it’s the close version of 5S. It’s like Ken’s standing strong in 3S. If you’re far away, it’s one move, if you’re right next to the guy it’s another. So 5S© is hte close version. 5S(f) would be the far version. You’re supposed to write it as 5S.c and 5S.f, but this is close enough.

You guys should roll up to San Clemente :smiley:

  1. You have to do an frc (force roman cancel) at a specific point at the end of it. if you do it in training mode, set display to “both” so you can see your inputs at the bottom of the screen. the bar will flash during the frames that you can frc. you need 25% tension to do it, and it is done by pressing any 3 buttons at the same time (not including dust)

  2. air pot buster is done anytime you are in the air. do the potbuster motion and press the dust button. you must have 25% tension to do it as it is a force break (think ex move in 3s)

tenchi, basically in dustloop everything corresponds to the keypad on a keyboard.
also EVERYONE new to dustloop of guilty gear in general should read this first:
it has all the conventions, a bunch of basic fighting game stuff, and most of the advanced guilty gear engine stuff too. very important read.

also the other thing everyone should read is this:
click on you character for all their frame data and move properties. (move properties in this game are pretty crazy, with upper body invulnerabilities, super armor, proration in combos that it causes, tech times, throw invincible time, etc., etc.) you need to know this stuff!

and obviously… read the character specific forum for your character on dustloop. some of them have very complete 101 threads or guides. the slayer one for example is great.

Paradise Hills Showdown 2

When: LOL- This Saturday- 9/15

Time: I have class and get off 11:50, so I can have doors open for casuals 3 o clock. If we can cram all these tourneys in one day that would be awesome lol. Doors close maybe midnight or when everyones done.

Main Event: Street Fighter 3rd Strkie
Entree Fee: $6.00
1st- 70%, 2nd- 20%, and 3rd- 10%
Double Elimination 2/3

Side Events: T5:DR, CvS2, GG:AC, SF2:ST, and MvC2

T5:DR- If enough people show up, like some of the SDT people and they bring 2 or 3 PS3s i can set them up in the front room. Say $5.00 tourney fee???

CvS2- If enough people show up and play also bring the game, we can have one to. Say $5.00 tourney fee??? I’m sure Carlos down to play some CvS2.

GG:AC- not many players yet but we can have an tv for it.

SF2:ST- If were all playing SF:3s im sure we all know a little turbo. Say $5.00 tourney fee???


MVC2- i do not know how to play but I love watching. So if you guys want a tourney and you guys provide the DC and convertors, do it. That team tourney thing you guys want you can have it at my house.

Venuee: FREE
Front Room- can have 3 tvs
Kitchen- 1 tv
Living room- 3 tvs

Front yard and Backyard if you smoke

If you guys can post if you can bring a ps2 or tv that would be cool.
Please Provide own sticks.

Rules: just respect my house and I will respect you all for the fighting game scene :slight_smile:

questions and if you need my adress IM me or PM me.

this saturday

All are welcomed, SDT, the cartel, RoD, Nickle heads, GG people, and Mudd Clubb peps. Just Remember i like in a house not a main event hall so it will be packed and thats why we can chill in the backyard or front.


Woah, hold up. I just checked the Events forum and there’s a thread that says there’s a tourney on the same day at Plaza Tilt thrown by you also. Which tourney are you throwing?

BTW, don’t mind me; I’m just a 3S/Tekken/GG/CvS2/MvC2 player from Riverside who now lives in Murrieta (aka stuck right in the middle of nowhere) and is thinking of driving down to San Diego this weekend for some tourneys.

P.S. n8n noes me! :wgrin: