San Diego Mudd Club Thread

We play in Mudd, here at the Mudd Club.

I think it now deserves an official thread, as it will probably become sucessful. The owner is taking suggestions in, and although there are problems now, the outcome looks very good. Again, the owner is very down to earth, and is willing to change his arcade for the better.

Located where the 15 and 52 (Ted Williams Pkwy) meet.
Heres a map and directions:

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Right now, don’t expect much. Marvel is .75 cents with a very small cab., and Tekken 5 is not the DR version. The owner wants to find a better cab, wants to find DR, and wants 3s and CvS2, so help him out if you can. There is no entry fee, so feel free to check it out! It’s 5 minutes from Nickel City.

Also, one of the employees has an account with SRK. His name is MchZ. If you have any detailed questions, I’d ask him. For more info about the arcade / LAN center, check out the site.


Hey whats up viet. I was browsing around and got some ideas. I dont know how much your boss has to spend on a new cabinet but this thing is sweet as hell

just replace the sticks and buttons.

or this

and replace everything as well. for some pretty good stuff

i REALLY prefer the first one.

1st one for sure!!!

I’m down to get the Tekken scene involved with this joint… but $10 an hour to play DR on PS3, not too keen on that…

And for DR disc/boot card, he might be able to purchase from Namco for cheap if they have any left…

Anyone know if they have an email contact? I might check out this place tomorrow if the owner is there…


Their address and telephone number are on this:

hey guys i think my boss is gonna get that first cabinet im only 50% sure im not completely. Anywayz im looking for a 3rd strike if u guys have one post. Price is lower to .50 but theres a entrance fee now unless your a VIP which is now $50. On tuesday its $12 all day for the arcade but its only a few games i think il try to get more games available for the tuesday special, and once we get 3rd strike it will be on there. Were also gonna be doing lan party i dont know when that will be in effect but were talking about having the arcade on at night too as free play il get back once its offical but for now help me find a 3s machine if u guys want one.

So theres an entrance fee to the arcade and you have to buy a play card?

no u dont have to buy a card well give u one but theres a 2 dollar entrance fee

Ahh icic, I dunno if it was just me but a perk to a new arcade for people who went to Nickel, was looking forward to getting rid of that 2 dollar entrance fee haha :arazz: but San Diego will be San Diego -_-;

I definitely don’t agree on that. Why does there have to be an entrance fee? Anyways, some new updates:

  • VIP is now 50$ per year with nothing added on your card (as opposed to 65$ with 15$ on your card).
  • PC useage is now 5$ an hour (no change in needing VIP for widescreen models)
  • Console useage is now 10$ an hour (still required VIP)
  • If three controllers are rented for the suite (10$ an hour each) you recieve a fourth controller free (all members be VIP)
  • Marvel, Tekken 5 ( NOT DR ), Pacman, and Virtua Cop are now 50 cents.


How exactly do they Console rooms work? Do we pay for 1 room by the hour, and can we like bring our own gear? Maybe we can just start playing console here and set up Marvel and 3s or Cvs in there, and have everyone pitch in or something.

its going to be tough to get people to pay 50 cents for games when we could all just go to nickel and play for 15cents. the number 1 reason i go to an arcade (vs playing console at home) is competition. charging 50 cents plus an entrance fee with make the mudd club fighting game area empty.

i will not go to an arcade that charges an entry fee and 50 cents to play games that are 25 cents everywhere else in the rest of the country. not to mention entrance fees are foreign to 99 percent of arcades in the world.

if mudd club wants to cater to the whole console, fps, lan stuff, than thats cool with me, i wont support it because im not into those things.

if mudd club wants to cater to the fighting game crowd as well, then you guys could really use some help. if you need help with this please feel free to private message me and we can talk over some ideas.

Viet Nguyen - Hey, i want to throw a console tournament at Mucc Club, can you give me details? If it’s too expensive i dont think ill do it. Do the rooms provide TVs etc? I think MUCC Club has potential, 50 cents isnt that bad, as long as there’s competition, but i strongly advise you guys to lower it to 25cents. No one plays on 50 Cent cabients in San Diego.

Yea dude. I suggest lowing the prices to 25cents as well, since you’re adding that entrance fee. If im gonna pay an $2 entrance fee, I might as well go to Nickel City and pay 15cents a game, especially since they only have Marvel and not 3s or Cvs2

That Lan Party sounds cool, if you open the arcade on for free play. How much would it cost?

Yea i agree. Tell the owner that all the most successful arcades in LA are only 25 cents per play and they have like 3 machines of every game. But thats because their base has more people but you get the point. My point im trying to make is, how can you charge 50 cents for a 7 year old game heh… Sure it may seem like youre losing money by lowering the cost on the machine, but it actually evens out if not gains more income because people will play more and more people will come if its cheaper. The price of living in SD is ridiculous and so is the gas so im sure you can see why no one would drive so far to an arcade and pay entry fee and 50 cents. Meh, my 2 cents on that =P

One of the things i noticed about mudd club is that the console rooms seem kinda
small. when i went there, i only saw 3 chairs in each room and the rooms dont have alot of space.

I went there a couple times to place some mvc and one of the workers would take a break to whoop my ass and leave . I said GG after one of the games and he thought i said “cheap cheap” or something haha. I have faith in this place and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a month or two it becomes the new “nickel”

bottom line is this:

charge 50 cents and have 1-2 random guys going to play.
charge 25 cents and have 6-10 guys playing like nickel has been on fridays lately.

drop the entrance fee though, i can see paying to use the computer or tvs, because its not like you put a quarter into a computer. you already have to pay to play on each arcade machine.

i 2nd that…

25cents and no entrance fee for arcade players = a lot of regulars = you will have the majority of my money:sweat: and most likely others as well.

do the right thing =]