San Diego Mudd Club Thread

You hear everybody? Let the management know. Once it is at no entrance fee and a reasonable price, you will see all of San Diego there.

Ya i see mudd clubb being the new arcade above nickel if its done right. Mudd clubb, dont think we are bashing you cuz we arent. Just think of this as constructive help so SD can have at least 1 decent arcade in SD. As long as the machines are up to date etc, no worries :slight_smile:

The entrance fee has to go, other than that i dont have a problem.

meh, sounds like dave & busters scaled down to an arcade with cheap amenities. golf & stuff back in downey started doing the entrance fee as well when I went to visit my lil sister back home which i thought was funk. whatever happened to the old school days where you could actually enjoy yourself and pay no entrance fees and play on the cheap? I say boo to the people whom closed shop on 4th & f st in downtown chula vista where they had 3s back then for 50c then later for 25cents. hell, yellow brick road before dying off of friars road also had 3s for 15c (nickel days, gotta love them) and now this mockery? no way. i’ll continue to stick to southwestern and/or console or home in L.A.

Ok we now have 2 choices:

  1. Pay 2 bucks to play Marvel for .50 cents

  2. Pay 2 bucks to play Marvel for .15 cents


Andy has summed it all up in his post :rofl:

That arcade was known as Silver Cue then California Games. Damn cops buying the land up and forcing out the gamers!

Hey guys:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: , some updates for you on their site.

Best news is that they are ordering 3s. No news yet on the new “bigger” Marvel cabinet, but things are looking good so far.

Since it opened, the arcade has been making good decisions. The only poor choice is the $2.00 entrance fee (I wonder where they got that idea from). Once that is gone, the arcade should be seeing a lot more San Diego gamers.

wait so this flat rate on thursday for ddr and marvel is like all you can play for 12$? If so then i might go check it out haha

AKA the game center

Nickel sticks blow balls, i’d gladly pay the 50cents, or wait how about 1dollar to play at me and frankies pad

If this is true and the sticks are good and well maintained I’m willing to pay the difference for the better experience. :tup:

Good shit Chris, Really on top of the Mudd Club haha :arazz:

hey ask if they can get a japanese h2h cvs2 cab haha

i lol’ed:rofl:

so does this place get busy?

So when do marvel players usually go play I want to go check the marvel cab out but I want to go play people not the machine. Is that tournament on thursday still going down? If so what time and is it just going to be on arcade or console aswell?

silver cue was sick back in the day with the pool tables and they even sold baseball cards. plus you could get 2 tokens for free with the card. maybe mudd could get some pool tables it helped the california game center with business.

you mean the arcade that used to be across from the library? used to go there during early college years.

mudd club, kinda feel obligated to check the place out, being from sd and all…

we could pick a date and make a lil road trip out there to test it out.