San Diego North County 3s/HSF players?

3s anyone? Hsf anyone? We play at a lan center. We are looking for some more competition?

pcgamelink is the name of the place
718 Rancho Santa Fe Rd
san marcos

i play 3s. anyone good play?

we have some descent 3s competition, we are always looking for new players.
we usually play everyday there around 6pm - 10pm

Im not hating on your thread but in this thread San Diego’s When and Where will you play? we have created some good comp. We play all around but mainly marvel 2 and cvs2, if u have any questions or u want to invite us to any tourney feel free to do so, im a once in a while 3rd strike player but my main focus is marvel 2. Name is Markos and im part of the casual cartel.

tell me the best days, i dont want to show up and play 2 random people.

no offense.

also what system is this on? i need to know what stick to bring.

3s, [I’m interested.]

Lol you finally made a post John, good job…get some more HSF players and Ill start playing up there…i only know 2 and they are probably the best in SD…so lets get some HSF players damnit!

im down 4 some 3s. hit me up.

san marcos, nice… i can probably go there every other weekend for 3s.

i hope it’s on ps2… otherwise i’ll need a ps2->xbox convertor or something.

hey, wuziq we have two capcom sticks unmodded <= hopefully modded soon

i’m down for some marvel (dhalsim,commando, sentinel),

i’m usually there at 7pm -to closing

we have an adapter for the ps2 controllers too

i’ll be there tonight for some 3s. anyone down to play?

ROdchan, im always up for some hsf.

ask all the guys there what day everyones going to show. thanks.

hsf?? hehe. finally someone to play…

hey darkumas where you located? If you’re in southside San Diego (National City chula vista), PM me or IM me on AOL instant messanger. It would be nice to play someone new and play someone of decent challenge.

me and darkumas are both from south SD chula vista. but i mainly jus play 3s though. hit us up sometime if u wanna play. p’s!

We usually meet up here on saturday nights.
3s mostly.

hey Rodchan, you tried my t-chunli combo yet? lol

We usually meet up here on saturday nights.
3s mostly.

hey Rodchan, you tried my t-chunli combo yet? lol

cant make it this saturday. maybe me and my homie will show up randomly and see whats going on with this hidden north county 3s scene.

ST chun li FTW…its getting better watch out…

gg edwin, on cvs2 yesterday night.
I’m goin to change up my characters. got to practice some snk chars

edwin, you comin by tonight for some more cvs2?