San Diego questions


I will moving to uc san diego very shortly…
I am a marval fan…
any good arcades with mvc2 on it?
like where is it? how long will it take from ucsd?


hey there. welcome to san diego/ UCSD.

no one plays mvc2 in arcade anymore

a bunch of us from UCSD get together every now and then for games on console.

here’s our thread:


hey jay

a handful of us get together for some marvel crack sessions on DC. post in the UCSD thread so we can all get some games in. u play team row?


haha thanks thats perfect!

yeap… or those three are my main tiers…
u? wat u play?


i play combofiend, locdown plays clockwork, and crossup plays row


and i play sent/hulk/doom. ask locdown, he knows whats up. lol

lemme know when u have a session going locdown =/