San Diego SF4 casuals... 5/3/09 at 1:00pm


my two roomates and i are having a sf casual tomorrow afternoon. if you wanna come through, sign up…we might have a tourney at the same time.

where: el cajon / lakeside area
time; 1:00pm
system: we have two set ups both on PS3
controllers: try to bring your own stick or pad. no garauntees that they will be provided

sign up:

first come first serve…some spots are going to be reserved for the homies…


Damn, man, that’s REALLY short notice.


its usually on wed nights before i work since the 3 of us are off, we figure might as well try sundays.


Sounds like fun… You’re from Oceanside? That’s my favorite beach, San Diego county is just awesome, period.


i heart o-side


Sorry I couldnt make it. Got home really late from the tourney and gig on Saturday. I was Street Fighter out and needed some sleep. Also I didnt want to loose any more $ matches :slight_smile:



Awww I missed this one and I live in Carlsbad! Well, next time time you guys have a local tourney count me in!