San Diego Special invite MvC2 console tourney 7/29

Mvc2 Console Results

1st Iron Illan [ IM,CABLE,DOOM ]
2nd Shady K [ MSP/MSS ]
3rd Genghis [ MSS/THRAX ]

The tournament was held at genghis, frankieskillz, and Mo Money’s crib. Thanks for the special invite. It was a blast seeing shady k show up and prove he’s still the fastest magneto on the planet. The pizza was great!! The 2 t.v. setups plus the 43 degree AC!! Too GOOD!! Thanks Frankie for finding that VHS to get the matches recorded. The mvc2 mix was too intense, it brought the game into another level. I will post the videos ASAP. So for those who are excited, sit tight! I’ll ask preppy to host them for me.

Shady hella should’ve took that shit. no disrepect to nobody, good shit to everybody.

Shady if you see this message, let’s play some cvs.

That tourney was awesome. Illan played the best I have ever seen him play.

SHIT! knowing that I live down here and uninformed about this sucks ass, I would have brought along mine with my mint copy :O( guess living in the south bay gets no play yet very little in what we have to offer (aka plaza bonita & others)

wow, looks like ffa got this under control. we got evo won already. if illan can take out these 2 HUGE names, then who knows what gonna happen in 3 weeks.

where the vids at? and how many entered?

Darkness will fall in 3 weeks…

never heard of you before or i might have tried to get you since a lot of other people i invited couldnt make it or just didnt show up. We only managed to get an 8 man tourney going, double elim i believe. post in the san diego thread in pacific south so we can play some matches.

The Tourney was nice, Shady and Genghis, are awesome, Illan fuck man… your Ironman is just plain tough. Its always nice when so cal peepz come together.