With the newest version in America and the recent announcement of the game lineup at EVO2010, it’s time to get the TvC scene going! CVC is back to help continue building up San Diego’s fighting game community. Don’t have a Wii or a stick? No problem, you can use my stick or nicely ask any other player. Don’t let that hold you back from playing this game! :tup:


Who: Players who want to learn the game to compete, or players who want to try the game out to see what its all about.

**NOTE: For now, I am only opening my doors to the players that I know or are acquainted with. This includes TTF, BoxArena, CO regulars, and LA/OC players. Basically, if I’ve never seen/heard of you before, you may only come if someone I know in the scene vouches for you. Sorry, no randoms. **

Where: CVC of course. I am the only one who will be passing the address around.

When: Sundays OR Mondays 6pm-10pm.

-$2 to play ($1 for tourney, $1 for CVC),
-$1 (for tourney) if you bring a setup. I’ll accept coins!

  • We will be running a one dollar double-elim tournament on a dedicated tournament TV, the rest of the TV’s will be casuals.
    -You MUST sign up before the day of casuals so i can make the bracket before-hand, and so we can run the matches on the tourney TV on time. If you show up late, then you might have to play your match without getting casuals in.
    -Tourney starts no later than 730
    -If you sign up, you MUST play in tourney.
    -$1 tourney is WTA. (Winner Take-All)
    -Top 8 matches will be recorded


  • Throw away your trash.
  • Control the noise level, keep it cool.
  • Respect the house, this won’t be a place where you can invite your friends over to just kick it at my place. This won’t be allowed. Remember this isn’t open to EVERYONE like some of the other events in SD. Only exceptions are girlfriends and managers (lol Mike :tup:)

So come out and level up with the rest of SD! With San Diego’s fighting game community being at one of its highest points with SF4 and Tekken6, I’m sure we can add TvC to the list. TATSUUUUU



Post up if you’re coming:

  1. Killabyte
  2. Dios X
  3. Jokersss
  4. Commander Keen
  5. Repulse


  1. Killabyte
  2. Repulse


sign me up!! i soo down for this!
and i think sam is to…ill ask him if he dosnt post



chun is a beast in this game, so lucky you haha


can we just play sf


sign me up, ive never played but u live close so im down lol


damn i wanna go but i work nights on mon :frowning: and my Jun the Swan & Polimar will rape your asses


i want in i love combos as u can tell =)


Sounds legit If i can make it i most definatly will :smiley:


sounds like a sausage fest if you ask me


Sounds like we need another setup, who can bring one? Sam?


sounds like i wish i didnt work for this sausage fest :frowning:


yeah i know she a beast in this game but i going to be playing Yatterman-2 and ken or joe


call in sick!


<3 guile


I’ll rotate Sunday/Monday so people could get in some games when they dont have work, unless you work both nights, then i feel sorry for you.

I won’t be hosting the week of Feb. 14/15 though due to Valentine’s Day (Yes, i know, how sweet) and CO 2 vs 2.


Sign me up.


Got it. Can you bring a setup sam?


i think sam dont have the game


so far I have 2 consoles so far, but only 2 sticks. Therefore, we will be needing 2 more sticks, or we’ll just be playing on one console with 2 sticks. Which might workout since its looking like a small, but nice turnout.