San diego third strike players


San Diego 3rd STRIKE

this is for the 4 or 5 people that play 3s in san diego. I hate not playing anyone, so lets all play more often.


yeah people dont knw how to get together around here anymore and most of the people try to look after themselves and there egos then building the scene here also… well anyways i play a little 3s and i pretty much just play Q and ryu(cause hes soo basic and i dont knw everything about the game yet), but i can play a good amount of others if u get tired of the same characters. well i can make time to play if they set something up thats reasonable to do like a time that fits both our schedules…


hey i tried promoting gamelords


i wanna play.

man, the arcades around here suck =X


always gamelords


arcade > console. if im going to pay id rather play arcade. thats probably why i havent ever been to gamelords. but if thats the only place people play at, i guess i need to buy a stick and go there.


Ryan needs an avatar.


What’s up, guys? I was always confused about where the 3s action was since I wasn’t able to check the forums regularly and thus missed out… and I was pissed. However now that I’ll be in SD pretty much permanently maybe I can attend one of the next few gatherings and find out who’s who and whatnot.

I prefer the solidity of cabinets to console sticks, but what can you do when the nickel sticks are constantly in need of maintenance? It’s those random fools that hella mash and over-rotate.

Anyways, it might help if I have someone’s contact info …hail and kill?


The problem with the scene in SD IMO, a lot of the gamers are fuckin cheap ass mafuckas.

The community for the 2D scene here is such bullshit compared to other places.

Our 3D scene is strong, what the fuck.


What do you need my contact info for? Just PM me if you need anything. Nickel city or Gamelords is the places you want to go. Personally i hate nickel city and i can care less if that place burned down. =/ thats how much competition is there.


Yes I understand that arcade > console when it comes to 3s, ESPECIALLY when there’s no perfect console port. But what happens when you don’t have an arcade to play at? You play on console, cause that’s the best you can work with, and it’s the most convenient and reliable.

Also you gotta see if the pros > cons.

For the LONGEST time the RoD heads (Dios, myself, Rob, Isac, Izzy ((wtf happened to him now?)), Randy) played MvC on console cause that’s the best thing we had, and as mentioned above, the most reliable. With all those people in his room (and sometimes out of towners, or even Ben would come) it’s FUCKING CRAMPED. And it’s hot as shit too cause he won’t open his door (cause we too loud.) But the goods outweighed the bad.


  • FREE
  • CLOSE (for us)
  • reliable controls (they liked pad, I brough my own MAS ((RIP :frowning: )) )
  • constant/consistent competition.


  • crowded
  • hot

When Golden Token popped up the good’s again outweighed the bad, even in comparison to the Room of Doom


  • close (for us)
  • reliable controls (Nam was ALWAYS on it the next day if they broke)
  • somewhat inexpensive
  • constant/consistent competiton PLUS competition from our friends up north
  • CvS2 and 3s


  • not free

NOW when it comes to Nickel for us down south, its the opposite.


  • it’s an arcade


  • too far
  • unreliable controls
  • inconsistent competition

Now when you have unreliable controls, that get fixed once every 3 months, and little to no competition, YOU DON’T WANT TO GO. When you have one and not the other, they kinda balance each other out, but it’s simply not the case with Nickel City.

And that’s the thing with the scene in S.D. You have to GIVE a little to GET a little.

And that’s why our 3d scene is so damn big. We’re willing to give the $7 dollars every other week (sometimes it’s only once a month) to get the competition we want.

And honestly, I think Gamelords is the best bet for 3s players. The price is a little steep (trust me I know I go a lot) but how much are you willing to give for the scene? And really the only ones who should be bitching about how expensive something is are the people who win. I’d understand if 5star bitched about the price, cause his ass can go to Golden Token with .25 + entrance fee and rack up 30+.

And honestly I miss 3s. I dropped MvC2 for 3s. Then GT closed. We just gotta get something working. Just gotta put some dedication into the scene. Dedication = Results. Again look at the 3d scene. If you want an idea of how big the 3d scene is in San Diego, we run tournaments at Comic Con. Or rather Markman does.

I now feel like a big nerd:encore:


Brought to you by Gamelords :clown:


word chris, i hear what youre saying. We should all try and get together at nickel once a week and play some 3s. I would like to try and make it to gamelords if someone would let me use their stick. The only thing is its hard for me to make it on saturday nights. Maybe once a week on like wednesdays we can all hit up nickel. The sticks and buttons have stayed really good, and you cant beat 3s for 15 cents.


MvC2 doesn’t need Gamelords, we already got Plaza.

I really dislike Nickel haha. Maybe I can start making it, since the semester is about to be over. If Ima be driving that far I’d be more comfortable meeting at someone’s house.

But I’ll start to consider Nickel more often.


Yanno it’s not like I’m trying to promote Gamelords cause they asked me personally to do it for them. I’m trying to promote it because at the moment it’s the best bet for San Diego’s scene.

Unfortunately only the 3d players are willing to give.

Like I said, MvC2 seems fine, South Bay got Plaza (whos all brand spanking new buttons were paid for personally by a GASP 3d player, not the arcade itself). And I think the north S.D. heads all play together (not sure tho).

3s and CvS2…nope. Barely any arcades have them, and the ones that do are in shitty condition.

Again, it’s for the SCENE. Not Gamelords.


That’s right Chris, speak that shit.

I tried throwin some CVS2/MVC2 tournies a few years ago for SD, a bunch of ppl showed up but only like 3-4 ppl paid to enter the tourney… wtf?

Seriously, GameLords is a good idea, and I KNOW $7 is a gang of money, especially since its the holidays… but ya’ll need to get somethin goin. Make SD players healthy in competition again. Obviously arcade is a lot more fun, us Tekken players will be livin at the arcades when the next Tekken comes out next month, but ya’ll might as well start havin gatherings at someones house or at GameLords cuz SD players ain’t gettin anywhere with our shitty ass arcade scene for 2D games.

3D(T5) games, if any1 is interested, hit us up on TZ, we can promote a lil’ and have a huge gathering(30+ ppl) at GL or wherever, just like that.


its really not so much that 7 dollars is a lot of money, because it isnt at all. shit thats like a pack of cigarettes and some jack in the box. its just having to pay to play console, especially when i hate console 3s.

but i give up, ill play console now as long as theres some competition.


I asked Tony if he was down to go to Nickel sometimes and if I could carpool and he said yeah.

So you aint gotta play on consoles yet.


yo ryan, sup dog and all the mafuckas right up in here, hey, youre going to norcal this weekend, hit me up if your going or something.


i’m down for some console 3s… i recently finished making my custom keyboard, so i want to use it more (as weird as it is).


console 3s is not that bad… i mean i hate it but… its the future of street fighter

and also… i was at some restaurant and they had a commercial for gamelords on tv… it looked pretty cool, i wanna come down and check it out sometime if there are 3s players that will go. i mean… for those who had this attitude before: “oh i don’t wanna pay 25 cents to play 5 star, im just giving away my money” now you can pay $7 and lose to me all you want -.-

well i am somewhat retired, but i wanna check out this gamelords place… looks pretty cool on tv

starting a scene isn’t easy… especially if peoples attitudes is all about ego and not about getting better.