San Diego Tournament of the GODS

This was held at Gene Wong’s house. Mine. Consisting of 4 people! ZOMG!! Results and random shout outs. for no reason.

**Capcom VS SNK 2

Round Robin #1**

  1. Hail And Kill(the gayest name ever!) aka ‘HAK’ - Gene Wong
    C-Vega, Rolento, Sagat. A-ARE

  2. GOD PHOBOS aka ‘GOD’ - Matt McCabe!

  3. Misterbean97 aka ‘Korean Anger!!!’ - James something.
    K-Kyo, Cammy, Sagat

  4. Tokoyama2000 aka ‘THAT DUDE’ - Edwin Huang
    A-Ken, Yamazaki, Bison

Round Robin #2

  1. HAK
    Team BAS

  2. Phobos

  3. Bean
    K-Kyo, Cammy, Sagat

Round Robin #3

  1. Phobos!!

  2. HAK
    Team BAS, A-ARE

  3. Bean


  1. Phobos

  2. HAK

  3. Bean

Street Fighter 3:3s

  1. Hail And Grill aka "won with ex fireball -> sa2"
    Yun, Slut-Li

  2. Phobos!! aka "Robot"

3.Bean aka "I HATCHOO!!!"

Word bitches.

Gene likes to thank:

D44BAS - For letting me steal your colors and team.
Buktooth - I found out last night that morrigan is a crazy bitch.
Mr.Bean - Because he loves my jap stick.
Phobos - For beating me for the 3rd round robin =(. YOU ARE CRAZY!!!

Mr.Bean would Like to thank

Ino - Because you are cool?
Gene - BECAUSE I GOT YOU THOSE DAMN SBO… I mean, because he got me those sbo discs.

Sir Phobos would like to thank:

All of the little gods out there who aren’t yet fully-fledged Gods

And We would like to thank:

Pimp Willy - Because you made our night. Thank you…steve.
Tyram - Because you “tyram” will never be beaten!!1
Dr.B - Because you run up, and s.hp instead of throwing.


GGs guys! We played like 12 hours of CVS2. That’s not healthy. But, it was a lot of fun! Gene, thanks for hosting! That Mexican restaurant is pretty scrumptious, but they should give you more tortilla chips with the burritos.

it was 14 hours!



a-sak >>>>>>> me

K sagat > Me.

No no. K Pimpram > Everyone.

jesus christ
that’s way too much cvs2
1 hour of that shit and i’m done

Im still hella tired from tuesday. 1 hour? LIES.