San Diego Ultimate SF Panel!

Join us Saturday July 16th -

4:30-5:30 Ultimate Street FighterThis Fall looks to be an exciting time for Capcom and Street Fighter fans as the Official Street Fighter Month hits in October, with launches of the new anime, comic series, toys, Mini-mates, busts, controllers, the very first Collectible Card Game and much, much more! Reps from Capcom, UDON, Manga Entertainment, SOTA Toys, Score Entertainment, Diamond Select Toys and more will be on hand to present this exciting event to fans and take questions. Members of the creative teams behind UDON’s Street Fighter and Darkstalkers comics will also be there for Q & A. If you’re a Capcom game, comic or toy fan, you won’t want to miss this exciting event! Room 6A

I can’t go but it sounds great. Best of luck and hope you all have lots of fun, Studio Udon and the attendees!

I saw this in the Comic Con Mag. I’ll see you guys there next saturday : ) Hopefully I’ll be able to snag an akuma bust either friday or saturday, 100 per day makes me nervous!

And a Street Fighter CCG? Wow, I hope it’s good.

BTW, will you guys be doing the special edition comic again, with the chance to get some personal art drawn on the back?


Which artists from Udon will be there in SDCC?

Talking about SDCC, last year, I heard Kinu and Shoei from Capcom came, did Udon invite them or Capcom did? It’s awesome that this year, Udon has invited Shinkiro and Ikeno, I hope to see more Capcom artists coming in the near future. With those limited SF artbooks, comics and figures, I know my wallet will go empty quickly…

Confirmed creators list from UDON -

Alvin Lee (Artist - SF, DS, X-Men Age of Apocalypse, Deadpool, Agent X),
Arnold Tsang (Artist - SF, Capcom Fighting Evolution),
Andrew Hou (Artist - SF),
Gary Yeung (Colorist - DS, SF)
Christine Choi (Colorist - SF, DS)
Omar Dogan (Artist - SF, Robotech, Vampi, Xin)
Noi Sackda (Artist - Exalted, SF),
Scott Hepburn (Bkgs - SF, DS, Artist - Marvel Adventures The Thing)
Joe Vriens (Artist - DS, Sentinel, Thundercats Enemy’s Pride),
Ken Siu-Chong (Writer - SF, DS)
Jim Zubkavich (Exalted co-writer)
Gala Ferriere (Exalted co-writer)

and myself of coz.

Did you guys consider that, by releasing a US$ 80,00 book (95 bucks on herofix) with two covers, youre basically making sure no SF collector will be able to have a complete collection?

Because, not only its expensive, but theres two of them. If you really cared, you wouldve used the same cover as the soft version.

The thing that hurts the most is that it’s all high-quality junk.I wouldn’t mind if it all sucked hard like some of the stuff from the early 90’s. The figures, the lithos, the posters…it’s all great.Really well done. It’s just expensive. Especially for completists like me,that want everything.

Maybe this is Capcom’s way of proving Street Fighter IS the Star Wars of video games…

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

You’ve just got to let go, man. Personally, I’m not even trying to have a complete collection. I buy the comics because I want to read them. After I read them I put them away; just stack them up somewhere for later reference.

The furthest I’ve gone into the collector’s realm is:

  • I own Lt. Blue (“Gray” my ass) Ryu, Chun-Li, Sagat, Ken, Cammy, Vega and Dk. Green Blanka action figures (and plan to get more. On the subject, can anyone point me to Round 1 White Gi Ryu & M. Bison?)

  • I picked up Eternal Challenge (While the appeal of a new cover & fixes sound cool, $80? Too rich for my blood…)

  • I picked up both covers of DS 6 (But only because the comic shop was sold out of the Morrigan & Lilith cover the first time.)

  • I check this thread from time to time to keep up with what’s going on.

Are you kidding? In the comic book realm, spending $80 to further your collection is nothing. How many people spend hundreds to track down one missing comic? Or drop $300 on a new bust that they need?

Sure, it’s expensive, but collecting a full set is not supposed to be CHEAP nor EASY. From the sound of your post, you aren’t willing to spend a whole lot of money on your SF passion (which is fine, neither am I), but what right do you think you have to a full collection?

I guess the high priced tags of the books are because of inviting Shinkiro and Ikeno from Japan to SDCC. I already have that book, and I don’t mind to pay 160 bucks for the two special covers verions again; however, I hope these artists draw me sketches instead of a simple signature signed in the books. Otherwise, I’ll be very disappointed at Udon.

The 80 bucks include a Hard cover 300 page 100 lb paper (VS the 40 lb in the original) art book with signatures on the spot by the 2 artists. Consider that any import artbook from Japan would easily cost you 60 bucks plus, 80 for a signed HC I really believe that we are pricing it at a fair deal. Originally, it was suggested to us that we should price it at 100, as it is so rare (only 500 copies made of each cover), but I decided to just do it at 80. And please keep in mind that we are paying them a lot of money to do the 2 new covers, and air tickets to fly them to San Diego, as well as one full week of hotel rooms. Not to mention that it cost us a lot to produce a run of hard covers at only 1000 print run.

On the signing and sketching end - originally, they said no sketching at all, as they never do that in Japan during appearences. I manage to talk them into doing 10 sketches per day. So basically, since we are selling inly 100 books per day, 1 in 10 lucky guys will get a sketch. How r u gonna be the lucky person? Well, you will find out when you are the one!

By the way, just to add to the last post - as by San Diego rules and regulations, all limited edition convemtion items has to be sold by “THEIR RULES”. It has to be done in a raffle way, that we give out tickets in the morning and sell the item to “winning ticket holders” in the afternoon. And only limited to one copy per customer supposedly…

well, supposedly…

Wow, so it’s not first come first serve? Now I’m nervous. Hope I get one of the akuma busts!

As far as sketches, no sketches on the hardcovers, but are you going to have a comic con issue of SF for sale that we can get sketches on again (from the other artists)?

You buy a UDON sketch book 2005, it comes with a free sketch by any one of our guys, and unlimited signatures.

Will they only be allowed to do Capcom sketches? With Shinkiro there, it would be great if he could do some SNK stuff like KOF characters, I hope people request it from him…

holy crap! they have a room now o_O can’t wait to see you guys there

at last year’s con, i heard a crap load of people requested snk chars at their booth…so they wouldn’t mind…i think?

Hey that’s cool! So jealous I can’t go… I’d prolly ask for a Ryu and Chun-Li sketch but if two characters is too much for one sketch, maybe just Ingrid since she’s new. For SNK I’d ask for either Terry or Shermie. Oh well, one of these years I’ll go to the San Diego Con…

Only 1 out of 10 people will get a sketch from either Shinkiro and Ikeno… I guess that’s not too bad, although only 10% chance!

It will be cool if Udon can persuade them to take commission sketches too at the convention, I don’t mind to pay a good chunk cash to them and Udon (as the agent) if I can get their sketches, hehe.

By the way, what titles did Ikeno work on before? I know he did many SF stuffs, what other Capcom illustrations did he do?


Besides Ikeno and Shinkiro, will any other Capcom artists be in attendance?

Those are the 2 artists that we are bring in this year. I heard one of the DS producers might be coming along. Not too sure.