San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III


small suggestion for tonight at co
i think you should put the set ups together

3 supers by the door than 3 marvels together and whatever in the end
just group them together


make today a 5 dollar tourney
top 3 pay out


can you pm the address to co for me?


3400 E 8th St # 106
National City, CA 91950-3168
(619) 479-0965


it was a fun night tonight GG for everyone there, i’m the new guy that’s from Wisconsin.

hope to see you guys more often


welcome to sd if you need info on ttf please go to and pm me if you need the address

good games at comic oddy tonight
15 man single elimination for ssfiv ae
Grand finals lovo takes it over watts, 3-1
1 lovo- Akuma
2 watts- Able/ Fei Long
T3 unprotectedSEX- Rufus
T5 steinmania
T5 Who is J- Mo?
T5 netedge
T5 combusted
T9 adonis_mp
T9 pat
T9 jonkun
T9 Black Hayate
T9 Ricky
T9 ???

This Wednesday night at ttf is a ranbat
get your points and get closer to the money
all the info on the ranbats are in the link below
even though it says single, it is now double so dont worry
ttf ranbats!!!
ttf ranbats!!!
ttf ranbats!!!

dont forget about the team tourne 2v2 for ae and singles for marvel/ mk
july 1st at ttf
sign up your teams at the thread below

last but not least
the league round 2 for ae the box is throwing
i know this is hella last minute and i think people forgot about it but this shit is coming up thursday
and a lot of you fuckers dropped marvel when ae came out so i highly suggest you join in this shit
this will be the closest thing sd has from the old level up casuals

this was posted by steinmania
SSF4: The League Absolute Encore (working title)
Alright guys: Season 2. I’ve learned a lot since Season 1 and am ready to make Season 2 bigger and better.

Match Structure will be how S1 grand finals went. (A vs A, B vs B, ft5, score kept by matches) This time we won’t be using Frubble or a stream. Matches will take place online or at Casuals/TTF/CO/wherever you can play. Matches will need to be recorded. Frank and I will upload each match to YouTube.

This time I won’t be Captain. My job throughout the league will be to help out and make sure teams are getting sessions in. I’ll also go through the videos and produce stats.

Captains: Please let me know if you’re in for Season 2.

Players: If you want to recommend someone to be captain please send me a message.

Rankings Tournament Will be June 26th. 5PM at Frubble. - Same Format as S1 Ranking Tournament. THIS FUCKING SATURDAY!!!

If you have any questions/comments/ideas for the league please post them here or send me a message. Thanks
also july 9th box is throwing a tourney
for mk/mvc/ae
get ready for evo


<3 Unprotected Sex


Yo Cody I won’t be able to make it there until about 9 tonight but I’ll be there for MK ranbat if you could hold off for a min.


np brahma
i mean your the only one who brings a mk set up


And of course by tonight I mean tomorrow night.


Alright everyone, here are the final details for the AE League.

There are some contradictory dates flying around, THE LEAGUE STARTS THIS THURSDAY 5PM!!!

Cost: $10 per player

Season will last July - August

Rankings tournament will be the same style as season 1. You will be randomly placed in a Round Robin tournament, then split into 2 different double elimination tournaments. Do your best; the captains will be around and watching.

Captains this season:
The Most Pure Viscant
The Legendary Genghissss
Mr. Certified
Unprotected Sex
-Maybe- First place in Awesome AlexMan

Captains will split their teams into ranks, A, B, C, D, E.

Format for each match will be the way last season’s grand finals: A plays A, B plays B, FT5. Every match won is considered a point, the team with the most points wins. Matches need to be recorded (camera phone, saved replays, whatever).

If you would like to be a part of the league but can’t make Thursday send me a PM or a message on facebook.

If you cannot pay the $10 this Thursday, send me a message or talk to me on Thursday. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of.




your alive!!!
no hate to you steve
just mk been dead but hopefully since tomorrow is a ranbat people will show up which most likely will happen
mk starts aroudn 9 guys


k sexy write up on the league nothing big just a reminder


For the league do we gotta sign up in advance or just show up?


Cya guys tomorrow night. Prepare to Simile!


#1 seed to be #1 wash up again?!?!?! ( no :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hey all, I’m in town from Phoenix looking to get some games in. I was looking to attend the TTF session, and was hoping to bum a ride. I can help pay for gas! I’m staying out by mission bay.


Eh. I’ve got a car and time. I suppose I could give you a ride if you need one.


set ups for tomorrow
when there is only 4 players left the tourney will be on one tv and the others will be casual
if you bring a set up im sorry but i need it for tourney

please post if you can bring a set up so i know
marvel 3 xbox
1 myself
2 honey badger

ae ps3
1 combusted ???
2 jokersss ???

mk ps3
1 brahma