San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

do you guys run on asus or crts?
or laggy monitor?

I’m interested but you dont mention anything about the tournament…?
Is this a control pad only thing? If not can we bring a stick? What console is it on? What exactly is the prize? Etc.

You have to spark interest if you want people to go.

Unless I missed all this info somewhere

Its run on xbox 360 due to it being at the microsoft store.

Sticks are allowed and they run the tournament on the giant screen in the back of the store. Though lately sound has been a issue. Lack of sound rather.

Sometimes they bring out lcd monitors and play on those, which is what I recommend they do from now on. Trying to run a tournament on just 1 tv takes way too long.

We just use XBOX360s and Samsung LCDs. Arcade sticks allowed! Every Friday at 5pm at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley. Please click on this link for more info. Always FREE!

Info Link:

Info Link:

This week is Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting!

Frubble tomorrow night!!!

last nights results

Casuals @ TTF tonight
doors open at 730pm
doors close at 12am
$2.00 to play

setups always needed

if address is needed pm me on fb or srk

ttf go go go

i dont have internet at my house at the moment im at work so i cant update the facebook page
so if anyone sees this the tourney is still happening
i will be at my grandmas later on tonight so i can get some of that internet and update you all
but hope to see you all tomorrow
set ups needed of course

The Box Arena is streaming box sessions live tonight at frubble…UMvC3 tournament
followed by a first to 10 money match between ilya and genghis…

Is Box gonna have a SSF4 setup at well? Or is it just gonna be a MVC night?

ttf tomorrow night
set ups needed of course
$2.00 house fee

i can provide 6 crts and 1 monitor
see you tomorrow night

Hey Guys,

Cleaning out some space and I have a Qanba Q4RAF Dual mod joystick available.

It does have issues though, so if you are willing to scoop this from me, I would be willing to part with it for 100.

I believe R2 doesnt work on the PS3 side and B doesnt work on the Xbox 360 side. I think its the wiring they did on it.

Let me know! 6192461198

ttf tonight
doors open at 730
$2.00 house fee
set ups always needed

Last two Tuesdays I’ve been able to make to BSL, and it has been awesome. GGs to everyone I played.

thanks everyone for coming out to ttf
glad to host you all

Looking for a San Diego dual modder.
I got a MLG stick and all the parts.
Just need the service.

[LEFT]Tonight Saturday [/LEFT]
[LEFT]if nothing goes on might have a casuals session[/LEFT]
[LEFT]could also do a tourney if we get enough people [/LEFT]
[LEFT]post up if your interested [/LEFT]
[LEFT]looking at around 8:00pm[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$2.00 house fee
$3.00 tourney
set ups of course

if i get 10 people interested it will happen[/LEFT]

still people here but
good games to all that came out
always a pleasure to host you guys
see you Wednesday night at TTF

Hey San Diego, fellow player will be in town (from the Portland scene/Best Bout Gaming basically) this coming weekend and was seeing if people meet Friday-Saturday or Sunday for casuals. I used to live in SD, headed back to visit family and friends and would be fun to get some matches in with the locals if possible. AE is my main game btw, not hot in Marvel.