San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III


hey guys this Friday is the ttf fundraiser tourney. the last event went really well and hope this one does to.
check out the SD Fight Scene page on facebook for the link to the event page.

break down is
$10.00 a game
theres marvela and ae
im throwing some cash in the pot and 1st gets a fight stick for both games.
the money is going to systems/ asus/ or whatever ttf needs (games and what not.)

hope to see you all Friday.


Hey do you know any MvC2 players in the san diego area? I’ve moved from LA to san diego and wanted to find some players.



hella late response.
we do have marvel 2 players but not many.
when we have casuals at my house or anywhere elses sometimes people will play.
im sure if dios, kankuro (don), crisco, and even tong and tommy might play if its there. usually dios and kanuro are down to play mvc2 if its there, but kankuro is in or will be in the pi soon.


damn its been a month since i posted in here
srk is like dead…
but there is ttf tonight if anyone is interested


i know srk is still dead…
but if for some reason people dont have facebook and still look here on srk were still here and playing
marvel mondays at saltmines, arcade wednesdays at saltmines, ae thursdays at saltmines, ttf fridays at ttf, dustloop friday at saltmines, and every other saturday ofc at saltmines


ttf tonighit at my pad in sesd
and if your more north in the convoy area saltmines is having dustloop fridays


Hey, guys. This thread seems as dead as it gets, but I figured I’d post anyway for anyone who may still lurk.

Some friends and I have gotten together over the past few months to hold and stream friendly AE tourneys, and I hope you guys are willing to check out some of our content. Our tourneys are small and somewhat limited as far as attendance due to our lack of a dedicated venue (all of our events are pretty much played by ear and held at people’s houses), but we’ve got a good mix of skilled players and new challengers. If you’d like to check us out, here are our links:

A couple of our guys also have personal streams with somewhat regular AE and DotA:


Yo Sup Grizz, I think I played you once at Saltmines before, but you guys should come up to some events in SD, idk how far you guys live but it would really help up your game. Most of our players are friendly and knowledgeable. Street Fighter moved to mondays at Saltmines and every friday is casuals/tournament at Cody’s with OFC going on every other saturday.


Hey fellas! Sorry to troll the thread, but I am trying to raise my Xbox One fund. I feel that selling my Xbox 360 setup to the FGC would be the best way since Gamestop will totally r**e me in price. So I want to sell my Xbox 360 with the following:

Xbox 360 slim with 160GB hard drive installed
HDMI cable
2 wireless xbox controllers


AE 2012
DJ Hero 1 and 2 with controller
Child of Eden
Kinect Adventures

More if purchased. Figure this can be used for another setup

If interested, hit me up! 6192461198 I live in escondido

Selling EVERYTHING for $120



Rodel if for some reason you still have the xbox end of DEC- beginning of JAN I will take it off your hands for ttf.
Grizzly, I’m sure this is Mike? But SD AE scene is really laid back and down to play. If your talking about the Shoto Dojo I’ve always wanted to check you guys out and play. If you have info about your events and stuff post up in the SD Fight Scene on facebook also invite your friends to the page since im the mod on it. I wish srk was still alive but facebook is obviously dominated it and its easier to contact people. i know that post was like a month ago but srk is one of the only sites i get on the work computer.
also every thing wil (grab master flex) said is true

cody unprotectedSED denton


Rodchan, what’s up? Long time, hope you are well.

Sorry to jack the thread back, but wanted to give all SD players a heads up. Nickel City in Carmel Mtn. Ranch finally fixed their Third Strike cabinet, replacing the joysticks. I tested it last week, after the 1P stick was replaced, and it works well (which is to say, it works as it should). The 2P stick was still in trouble, but per the owner, that was also replaced a couple days ago.

Not sure if anyone cares, but glad to see a venue that is willing to listen to customer feedback and maintain its SF cabinets. I don’t really play 3S, but I will go there and play, and support them just for the fact that they are willing to support the fighting community.

BTW, the MVC2 cabinet right next to the 3S cabinet is also in great working condition.


So I take it the forums are dead…


Assuming these forums aren’t dead…
Hey SD guys. I live in Poway and was wondering if anyone plays anything around me. I really only grind out Skullgirls, but I’m no stranger to UMvC3, SF4 and KoFXIII. I play on PS3, pad player, so let me know if anyone around me plays anything or heads out to any tournaments/casuals. Shit’s rough since I’m without a car :x


oh hai


Super shot in the dark, but I’ll be at Nickel City today. I’m not even sure what their fighting game selection is since they moved, but I’m solid competition at mvc2/3s/SF4. Someone come give me some practice.


Hey guys. I started a home business down in Chula Vista/Southern San Diego. It’s essentially mobile streaming and capturing high quality video (along the lines of Team Spooky). Starting out, I’m willing to stream and record for free (well maybe not a full fledged high occupancy tournament, just yet). Basically, I have all the hardware (computer, capture card (internal), headsets with mics, webcams, etc.) and it’s portable. I can take my operations anywhere as long as it’s within a reasonable distance in San Diego and I really only take up about 4x4 feet area once it’s all setup.

So for those of you who don’t have the hardware to stream and/or capture high quality video, I’m willing to offer my services for free, initially. Reason is, I don’t have a presence in the scene yet and I need to build rapport. I’m also still killing two birds with one stone, promoting not just myself but whatever channel, event, tournament you yourself want to grow.

The stuff I can output so far is 720p60 or 1080p30 for streaming, 1080p60 for youtube, and my system can accept, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component, composite, svideo, JP21 (japanese scart), and EuroScart up to 1080p60.

The only thing people need to provide is a 4x4 area to work in, a working internet connection, and a positive outlook. I can work with a person to workout overlays and what not ahead of time.

So if anyone is interested, especially any aspiring tournament/event/charity organizers or even individuals wishing to grow their channel or scene through let’s plays, pc gaming, or even speedrunning; I’ll be more than happy to work out something with them.

Thanks for listening,



Anyone in SD still play mvc2? I got back into it in the last few years and am looking for local comp.


I’m still new to figuring out how these threads work, I’m just trying to figure out if there’s still ongoing local tourneys or casuals in the SD area. It seems to me this thread just may be possibly dead but it’s worth a try


Stumbled across a Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition cabinet at Quad Ale House in downtown. Not in the best shape but something to do if you’re in the area. Update: as of 5/30/17 they no longer have the arcade machine.

There is a Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting machine at Coin-Op Game Room on 3926 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104.


Try that shit again homie, you’ll get clapped up real quick b.