San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

Hello all my fellow San Diegans in the fighting game community T.T.F. will not be held on Wednesday’s no more. I will be leaving Wednesday’s open for the opportunity of people from SD to go to WNF’s and not miss out on T.T.F.

[LEFT]T.T.F. will be moving to it’s new night which will now be on Thursday’s starting this week. See you all this Thursday. There will be a UMvC3 tourney of course for $3.00 and the house fee is still $2.00.[/LEFT]

If anyone from SD area goes to WNF and has an extra spot I’d appreciate it if I could tag along. I’ll chip in for gas and any other possible expenses. This goes for any future WNFs.


  • Jon V

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tourney @ Comic Odyssey
11 entrants
Top 8
1 ttf Dios X
2 srs call2arms
3 ttf pimpbot 9000
4 Who is J-Mo?
5 combusted
7 big
7 lacey san

9 airbag
9 R3

if anyone is interested in marvel hit me up

Remember no T.T.F. tonight
Tomorrow night doors open at 8:00PM
$2.00 house fee
$3.00 UMvC3 ranbat 2.1
Setups needed
for both games
at least 1 super set up

If anyone new is interested in T.T.F. and wants to come please message me and i will send you the address.

If anyone is down for marvel tonight contact me

T.T.F. Ranbat 2.1 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Singles
Very warm and cozy tourney
12 entrants
Top 8
1 WL Genghis - 10 pts
2 WL Costco- 7 pts
3 ttf DON [S.H.] T.G. Cid- 5 pts
4 ttf Dios X- 3 pts
5 ttf Kankuro SDT- 2 pts
5 ttf DON [S.H.] tlg.unprotectedSEX- 2 pts
7 srs call2arms- 1 pt
7 ttf pimpbot 9000- 1 pt

9 lmc combusted
9 lmc jetquick
9 lmc loky
9 Rob
13 airbag

Losers Finals
3-2 WL Costco over ttf DON [S.H.] T.G. Cid

Grand Finals
3-0 WL Costco over WL Genghis, WL Costco resets
3-1 WL Genghis over WL Costco

if anyone cares the 2nd post on the 1st page will have the point board for this season of umvc3 ranbat

Good shit from the WL beasts. Who are these guys? o_O

you are missed at ttf
with your wedding wesker

i really want to get a stream going, if we had one last night in the living room aka cozy corner i think it would of been fun and entertaining

Hey guys, Im moving to Oceanside next week and thought I would drop in and say hey. Hopefully I can come out and meet some of you!

Welcome to San Diego, even though Oceanside is about 30-40 minutes away from CO, Box, and TTF. But we always welcome new players to the scene and if you don’t mind driving down south you are always welcomed to join or sessions.
Monday nights we play at a comic shop called Comic Odyssey in National City
Tuesday nights we play at Frubble in Santee
Wednesdays or Thursdays we play at TTF (my house) in Paradise Hills
A good amount of information about these venues are on the 1st page of this thread and dont be afraid to ask questions or pm me. Most of SD doesnt post on srk there all on facebook in the SD Fight Scene and The Box Arena group pages.

Also Oceanside has a scene and a thread. Most likely its closer to you but you guys should carpool down here once in a while and get games in.
Oceanside/ Vista Thread

Yo! I’m going to be down in SD for about a month this monday. Are there still AE tournys at CO or is it mainly Marvel these days?

mostly marvel but a handful of people still play AE including myself

For those who dont have facebook and stay true to SRK
Tourney Saturday in January at T.T.F.
Sign up in thread to knock a buck off the house fee.

[URL=‘’]Sign up for Ranbat 2.2 UMvC3 @ T.T.F.

Sign up for Ranbat 2.2 UMvC3 @ T.T.F.
Sign up for Ranbat 2.2 UMvC3 @ T.T.F.

Ali needs a break so I will be opening T.T.F. up this Monday for you guys.
[LEFT]Since it is not a Wednesday it will be a $3.00 house fee. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Set ups needed of course will run a $1.00 CO tourney winner takes all and 2nd place gets free entry fee to T.T.F. tourney Wednesday.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]If you need directions message me[/LEFT]

no casuals at co tonight were playing at my pad tonight
got set ups inside
come thru the front make sure you take off your shoes
set ups needed
tourney $1.00 co tourney price

house is $3.00 this time

For those who don’t have facebook
Frubble tonight 6:00 PM- 10:00PM
Just show support by buying a tasty beverage or snack or be a dick and not buy anything.

I will bring my setup with 2 sticks and marvel
hope people show up!

Ill try to make it out tonight

Super Street Fighter IV Ver.2012 @ Frubble
12 entrants
Top 8
1 yeb
2 TTF DON [S.H.] tlg.unprotectedSEX
3 jonkun
5 nogget
5 WL G3rald as laceysan
7 Polydactyl
7 Who is J-Mo?

9 Box Kuizzy Ef Baby
9 Slappy Slaps
9 Tomo
9 LMC loky

**Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 @ Frubble **
16 entrants
Top 8
1 TTF Dios X
2 WL G3rald
3 Toki
4 SRS call2arms
5 TTF DON [S.H.] tlg.unprotectedSEX
7 nogget
7 Ice Trap

9 Filbert
9 airbag
9 Steve
9 ANDSlayers
13 Polydactyl
13 Who is J-Mo?
13 LMC loky

good games tonight see you all @ T.T.F. tonight.
Doors open @ 7:30PM
Doors close @ 12:00AM
House Fee: $2.00
Set ups needed
enough people and set ups there will be a $3.00 tourney
1st- 70% 2nd- 30% 3rd- Money back

Shout outs to the Box for running the marvel tourney
shit was ran smoothly
Good shit to Jay and Dios for making out of there marvel pools and making top 8
it sucks they had to play each other, i had to get out of the room i didnt want to watch the match, but it was going to happen regardless
also shout out to jay for making it out of his ae pool to lol
out of all the sd heads it was him…

i can say so much about ernesto and the marvel tourney but it would be a giant essay
im just glad we got a player like dios and also jay in are scene
like i said fuck all the haters socal west coast all day

i lost my voice
see you all tomorrow at co

just to let you all know
if ernesto beat noel
i was going to take my shirt off