San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

Friendly reminder…
Today at Frubble
yebs going away event hosted by the box
the box will be streaming the event

Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Singles Tourney
$5.00 entry for both games
Cash pay out for top 3
1st- 70%, 2nd- 20%, and 3rd-10%

Remember there is no venue fee at Frubble now, all they ask is for you to buy something like a drink or snack.
Doors open at 6pm
See you all there

Address to Frubble:
9628 Calton Hills Boulevard, Santee, CA. 92071

Hey everyone! I’m completely new to the scene and I’m thinking of making this my first tourney :slight_smile: Hope you guys can accommodate a noob like me, haha.

Do the tournaments usually start promptly at 6? I have another friend who wants to come but he doesn’t get off until 7.

He should have time, if anything, sign up your friend when you get there and let them know he is on his way, they might put him on the bottom of the bracket or something. Doors open at 6 but the tournament usually doesn’t start until 7 pm at the earliest. Sometimes it starts later.

And welcome. Try to make it out and bring friends, its going to be a fun night tonight. All stations are Playstation 3 just a heads up.

Ah, well I was trying to see if I could just wait for him to get off so we could carpool but I guess I should go earlier… ? And yeah, that’s actually better for me since I only play on ps3 and I play on pad, heh. I play marvel(badly) and I’m garbage at AE, but I do like watching it.

Wednesday Night Casuals @ T.T.F.

Doors open: 7:30 PM
Last games: 11:50PM
Doors close: 12:00AM

House Fee:
*Please pay before you start playing.

Setups always needed and much thanks to the people who bring them.
Always try to have at least 6.
3 for marvel and 3 for super
Also 1 set up dedicated to KOF13

If enough people are interested in a small tourney I will throw one.
The tourney will be $3.00 double elimination 1st and 2nd get paid out
3rd gets there money back

Set ups and sticks always needed.
See you tonight
If you need my address please message me on FB or pm me on srk

Tenchi, hit me up via pm or facebook @kevin lacey. I’ve made a concoius decision to stop playing, but since you left to Bahrain I started working for the navy, i alternate between nasni and nbsd. hit me up if you can It’d be good to hear from you again.

Good shit at T.T.F. last night. Lots of new faces and plenty of hype. And pizza!!

Did anyone here go to that tournament at the MS store on Friday? I’m wondering if it’s worth checking out next time since I work close by. How was it?

Hi, I’m new to the SD area and I was wondering if Comic Odyssey is up tonight. I’ve got a PS3, a TV, one AE stick and AE/UMvC3.

I’ve also got my own place where we can play casuals later in the week. I’d like to meet a lot of players (esp. AE) and try to get better.

AFAIK, comic odyssey is up tonight. I think they’re going to try and do a small KOF tournament + AE/Marvel.

welcome to SD

have you been to CO before?

^I haven’t but I’m thinking about dropping by later too. What time does is it usually start and what console is AE run on?

doors open at 730
we play on mostly 360s

Nope, but the place I’m staying at is pretty close, so I’ll be fine. With regards to the 360 thing, I’ll bring a PS3, but someone else has to have another PS3 controller since I only got one stick.

^Alright, I’ll bring a a few sticks as well.

yeah im sure they wont mind another set up
ill keep a ps3 stick in my car

Will there be a tournament tonight?

it matters man theres no ae players at co these days
only mvc tourneys very rarely we have ae tournies
there only a dollar and winner takes all

Aww man :frowning: AE was the reason I was going.

ggs to only ilija and greg
good games to evenryone i played in super
hope to see all new and old faces tomorrow at frubble

remember the box will be streaming
and this is like san diegos on wnf’s
lets get it big and hyped