San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

Casuals @ TTF tonight
doors open at 730pm
doors close at 12am
$2.00 to play

setups always needed

if address is needed pm me on fb or srk

ttf go go go

i dont have internet at my house at the moment im at work so i cant update the facebook page
so if anyone sees this the tourney is still happening
i will be at my grandmas later on tonight so i can get some of that internet and update you all
but hope to see you all tomorrow
set ups needed of course

The Box Arena is streaming box sessions live tonight at frubble…UMvC3 tournament
followed by a first to 10 money match between ilya and genghis…

Is Box gonna have a SSF4 setup at well? Or is it just gonna be a MVC night?

ttf tomorrow night
set ups needed of course
$2.00 house fee

i can provide 6 crts and 1 monitor
see you tomorrow night

Hey Guys,

Cleaning out some space and I have a Qanba Q4RAF Dual mod joystick available.

It does have issues though, so if you are willing to scoop this from me, I would be willing to part with it for 100.

I believe R2 doesnt work on the PS3 side and B doesnt work on the Xbox 360 side. I think its the wiring they did on it.

Let me know! 6192461198

ttf tonight
doors open at 730
$2.00 house fee
set ups always needed

Last two Tuesdays I’ve been able to make to BSL, and it has been awesome. GGs to everyone I played.

thanks everyone for coming out to ttf
glad to host you all

Looking for a San Diego dual modder.
I got a MLG stick and all the parts.
Just need the service.

[LEFT]Tonight Saturday [/LEFT]
[LEFT]if nothing goes on might have a casuals session[/LEFT]
[LEFT]could also do a tourney if we get enough people [/LEFT]
[LEFT]post up if your interested [/LEFT]
[LEFT]looking at around 8:00pm[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$2.00 house fee
$3.00 tourney
set ups of course

if i get 10 people interested it will happen[/LEFT]

still people here but
good games to all that came out
always a pleasure to host you guys
see you Wednesday night at TTF

Hey San Diego, fellow player will be in town (from the Portland scene/Best Bout Gaming basically) this coming weekend and was seeing if people meet Friday-Saturday or Sunday for casuals. I used to live in SD, headed back to visit family and friends and would be fun to get some matches in with the locals if possible. AE is my main game btw, not hot in Marvel.

nothing going on this weekend that i know of… but…

see you all tonight at Frubble for Box Sessions Live
Tourney for both games if the set ups are brought.
$3.00 for both games
sign ups at 6:00pm
tourney should start at 7:30pm

All the info in the link below:

hope to see you all there

Box Arena at frubble tonight. 7pm. Be there!

[LEFT]good games tonight!!![/LEFT]
[LEFT]i sucked in ae today but i lost to good players so im not mad[/LEFT]
[LEFT]i also lost to jay and dios in marvel so i really cant be mad at that either[/LEFT]

[LEFT]i wish i knew how to fight dark phoenix [/LEFT]
[LEFT]jay i felt accomplished when i got you to dark phoenix but just lost[/LEFT]
[LEFT]good games tonight [/LEFT]
[LEFT]and good shit joe for beating calm warrior in a mm!!![/LEFT]
[LEFT]good seeing you david :heart:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]i miss your black ass!!![/LEFT]

[LEFT]see you all at ttf tonight [/LEFT]
[LEFT]you know the drill[/LEFT]
[LEFT]doors open at 7:30pm[/LEFT]
[LEFT]house fee $2.00[/LEFT]
[LEFT]set ups always needed[/LEFT]
[LEFT]hope to see you all there [/LEFT]

Saturday, the LanDiego crew will be having an event in Kearny Mesa. Tournaments will be UMVC3 on Xbox 360 and Starcraft 2. The venue these guys rent out is huge, usually about 8 -10 console setups and tons of PCs.

Here is link for time and pricing:

We would love to see some of you top players come out for casuals and the marvel tournament. The last few events have had about 10-16 people enter for the fighting games, we need more.

Food and drinks are provided.

Opens early around 4-5ish pm and ends late around 1-2am. Tournament will not end that late though.

I may stop by this to see if there are any casuals for SSF4, possibly in the evening.

The Landiego tournament in Kearny Mesa was actually pretty tight, wish more SD heads from the fighting game scene showed up, it was a bit hard to find but the place was legit, had a ton of set ups and pizza and soda was included in the admission fee, and there was plenty of both, not to mention all the food places located within walking distance like a asain tea house or a korean bbq joint.

Some advice however.

The Tournament was run on one station which used laggy monitors, some asus monitors in the future would benefit greatly.

The tournament was a single elim, which lead up to the Grand Finals at 8:30pm but the tournament director didn’t want the Grand Finals to happen until 10p, sharp. Having more stations and the tournament being double elimination would be much more preferable.

Besides that, the tournament was fun, was sick playing on so many stations with multiple games like smash bros and rock band for casuals, and lots of new faces in the fighting game scene i haven’t seen before. Im looking for for LanDiegos next event as this one was really fun.

Hope you guys take my advice, its all honest opinions and just wish these events get run more smoothly in the future. Thanks again for posting on SRK and giving us a heads up about your events. Hope to hear back from you guys.