San Diego's Secret:Plaza Bonita 3s

I know SD has like a million threads but since Plaza’s tilt finally got 3s I beleive it deserves thread. Even though the tekken scene is more stronger then mvc or 3s at plaza and cvs is broken but yeah.
Post up if yall down to play 3s im always down if some one posts there playing.

3030 Plaza Bonita Rd Ste 2075
National City, CA
Phone: (619) 267-2850


Im gonna be there tonight hopefully if i can find a ride. Im down to pay for gas money and some food. Drinks if your down. Then 3s time. Ill be there tonight if i can get there. someone else is going if you go thats 3. anyone else wanna go hit me up on aim: superfro805


what time yall gonne be there?

no more cvs2 no more fire in the background finishes… :sad:

but anyway ill be at plaza around 6 or 630… I might trade in my old DSLite tonight too gamestop. I worked the shit outta it!!

Its not a strong scene for mvc2 cuz its rarely in working order and the button spacing is pretty bad. Not bashing on plaza though, i go once in a long time… just simply stating why no one goes there for mvc2. Im sure if the worker at mudd club can re-do the top of the cabinets they got, im sure plaza could too… but thats a long shot :looney: If everything was coo i know for sure there would be a lot of people going :slight_smile:

Ill try and be there at 730 if my friend can give me a ride if not ill pay anyone to come get me and ill get them food and drinks. Im just down olympic parkway at the training center.

yeah i understand i use to work at that hell hole, the reason the buttons and sticks suck is cause the old manager and myself dont work there. -_-

Yea i know israel works there now and i’ve known him for a while since he used to work at chula vista tilt, mission tilt, horton plaza tilt, and now plaza. So maybe if i talk to him i can try and work some magic :wink:

im not as avid as others in marvel, but i don’t really see the difference between chula and plaza. is it the stick? or is it the buttons?

Thirs thread should have been called plaza 3s players. Cuz nobody plays anything else there and the tekken players don’t post here. Cvs2 and marvel are broken.

No difference to me, but from what I gather is the spacing on the buttons is a bit off (sissies with girly hands jk) too bad its not workin right, its only .25 to play.

Hey Cody I heard that you played Luis today in 3’s, Yun using guy.

sup fernando
yeah I played him he uses sa1 with yun, seems like a cool dude, he mostly plays cvs2 i beleive, hes good in that, those buttons and sticks on 3s are garbage but you cant complain wen its on free play

Im less then 10 miles from the arcade can anyone give me a ride tonight. Gas money and food and drink. Hook it up.

2800 Olympic Pkwy
Chula Vista, CA 91915-6007, US

i’ll go to plaza tonight for some 3s around 7pm.

Hook up a ride someone!!!

i agree with bullet change the thread to plaza 3s or something.

last couple of nites ive gone its been empty. i guess i should start posting again. i cant go tonite though. :sad:

so how do i change the name of the thread

GG tonite fellas damn your shit closes early i didnt even get to finish my 40. That was a great warm up thought. Funny taunt, I didnt feel like playing after that but good matches hopefully we’ll meet up again. I might move back up north. But if i stay down here does anyone have it on console. I forgot the right slot trick. next time some one pick me up!!! Drinks are the way to go with 3s, as long as you retain the info… Drunk doood out!!!

man i really wanted to play today but something came up, if you guys play another day during the week like thursday im certaily down