San Diego's SF4- 2v2 Team Tourney Results and Shout Outs

Top 8:
1 Team Fat Guys- Ken I & DECI
2 Team marvelsucks- ShadyK & Viscant
3 Team Third Strike- Louie & Gerald
4 Team Muscle Milf Before & After- resq & fernando’s nuts
5 Team Kuiz-san- Kuizzy & laceysan
5 Team BattlePoint- nemo & RoDcHaN
7 Team We Look Mexican But We’re Not- Havok & Hall
7 Team Pad Warriors- DJMasters & Dawoo

The Rest:
9 Team Handsome
9 Team Lagade Do all the Work
9 Team The Rushing Turtles
9 Team Easy Cheese
13 Team Moar Wake
13 Team Beat Bros.
13 Team We Show up Late
13 Team lil jon and the far eastside boys
17 Team Deez Nutz
17 Team Jellyfish Dounuts

First of all thanks to everyone for coming out.

Thanks to Ken I for driving down here and playing with us and hopefully get more games in next time. Just a side note Ken I’s partner DECI is actually from San Diego, clear that up for him.

Thanks to ShadyK coming out and showing us more solid play.
Same goes to Jay who always comes out to TTF.

Louie and Gerald making the drive from nickle area to play and showing there 3s skills in sf4. RYAN TIMES ARE CHANGING SF4 IS THE FUTURE!

On a not thanks for coming out again we gotta get better and practice harder, cant rely on Jay always to rep SD, also ShadyK. Gotta work as a community and help each other out to get better at this game. Ken I coming to are home turf and winning :arazz:
All good though hell of good experience playing that dude.
If you see this Ken hope you come out to the next RanBat in SD with everyone else in SD.
Will keep you updated for the next tourney!

  • Cody

real talk, just ask anybody about the holes in your game don’t be shy. i watched shady play ryu after his sagat stopped me cold, it was definitely a learning experience. i damn near broke my jostick after geralds dick-tater stuffed my ryu with ex headstomps. i’mma rtsd next time i play a dictator. believe it like naruto. its always a lot of fun, i don’t know about the rest of sd, but so long as i CAN’T travel, i’ll be online and playing you dudes until i’m the best ryu and all around sf4 player down here

Even though beat bros got mashed out, it was good to see the other teams bringing their A game. Until the next battle. Thanks Cody for keeping it hype.


ggs guys. fun times.

the level of comp in san diego is definitely getting higher, and it’s great to see so many people show up.

can’t wait for videos so i can analyze my losses :slight_smile:

lol cody, thanks for posting the info. i’m sd damnit!
but why do you always write my name in all caps? it’s supposed to be all lowercase hehe.

p.s. funny thing about ken i is, he told me he actually lives closer to sd than he does to la. when we had the la vs sd regional match in guilty gear, ken i played for the sd side. probably why he laughs every time someone yells SD! when viscant beats him lol.