San Diego's SF4 RanBat 1.0- Paradise Hills


This is also a casual
Accepting donations for TTF casuals
Money will go to equipment such as more chairs, maybe getting a video camera, another system maybe, food and drinks for casuals, ect.

Who is the best in sunny san diego?

When: April 3rd, the first Friday I will be running small Ranking Battles there will be 5 tournies per ranbat (1.0- 1.5).

Starts: As soon as I get off of work, 7:30pm- 8:00pm

It will be a $5.00 fee.
Cash prize goes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. (70%, 20%, and 10%)

How do ranbats work?
Well its a normal tourney but top 8 player gets points
1st. 8 points
2nd. 7 points
3rd. 6 points
4th. 5 points
5th. 3 points
7th 1 points

In the end we add up the points who ever gets the most wins something I dont know what it is, but im thinking like free entree fee for the next month ranbats.

This will be capped cause I cannot have a lot of people in my house on Friday’s like I did at Paradise Hills Showdown 3. It will be capped at 24 and maybe more.

To all the new people I highly suggest you guys play.
Im not a pro but i know whats up in the fighting game world. If you have a question about your character Ill give you an answer. Im here to help you and the sd fighting game scene.

Ill try to have one on a saturday so we can have more people than 16

SD’s SF4 RanBat 1.1

  1. unprotectedSEX
  2. RoDcHaN
  3. laceysan
  4. Viscant
  5. djfrankfresh
  6. the sexyness
  7. Dios <-x->
  8. Havok

23.Little Lives


Put me on that list foo ! :slight_smile:


viscant holdin it down.


capping at 24
cause i know there not gonna show anyways


ill go for sure cody.


fosho ill add you


I’m down to go. Only thing is that I was the 360 pad player…so if maybe some nice people let me use their sticks again, it would be awesome.

If not, I’ll just use my 360 pad I guess. Or spectate.


there should be people out there who will let you use there sticks


i’ll be there as well. ps3 or 360? and can you PM directions

what up “laceysan”

haven’t seen you forever foo!


Then I’ll see you there.

One more note. Giorgio better bring his A game blanka.


man, viscant really got to everyone in SD. last tournament i went to there, i think 80% of the entrants were blanka.



random ultras for the win!!!


This. I live near paradise hills and always want to play some SF4 offline!


i am down…