San Diego's SF4 RanBat 1.1- Paradise Hills Results

Results: Top 8 out of 15 people
1st- Viscant- 8 points
2nd- neREMIXED- 7 points
3rd- RoDcHaN- 6 points
4th- unprotectedSEX- 5 points
5th- laceysan- 3 points
5th- Dios <-x->- 3 points
7th- Havok- 1 point
7th- poeticflow- 1 point

Thank you for all that came out. Thanks to the people who brought there systems and games. Also thanks to the people who donated to TTF, trust me the money will be used towards the casuals.

I might be taking a break next Friday the 17th will be 1.2, get ready.
Again thank you for coming out and playing.

it was fuuuun. see you guys next time.

Was fun, just so you know, I’m LL’s driver/roomsharer, so if he’s coming, there’s usually a high chance I’ll drop by. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully I get a good schedule for next quarter though (which starts after this week =_=) so I can play at 1.2. :slight_smile:

GGs to those I played. Hope to play more of you next time. :stuck_out_tongue:


unbelievably fun… good games all around

Great tournament, great finals, great games to everyone. Very lucky to win finals. I think I had either 3 or 4 match points against me, so very very lucky to make it through. This is great though, good competition will make us all better and we’ll be able to beat LA like Cody said.

Thanks for holding these, we’ve all already gotten a lot better from when the game came out. Hope to see everyone at the next one, too.

–Jay Snyder

Sweet I got a point!

Oh and my perfect round against Viscant’s Seth will stay with me for a while…:cool:

PS: Rod I won’t miss my ultra next time…

GGS to everyone. Props to Cody for holding down SD’s SF scene. I knew his Rufus was gonna get back at me!!!