San Diegos SF4 RanBat 1.2 Results


What a great turn out tonight. People all over SoCal came threw and we got to see some pretty good matches. Will post videos later

Here are the results

1 Ken I- 8 points
2 Viscant - 7 points
3 DECI - 6 points
4 neREMIXED - 5 points
5 skratchiechan- 3 points
5 fernandos nuts- 3 points
7 Doods- 1 point
7 USMCOgre- 1 point

So in the lead we have…
Viscant- 15 points
neREMIXED- 12 points
Ken I- 8 points
Deci- 6 points
RoDcHaN- 6 points
unprotectedSEX- 5 points
Dios <-x->- 3 points
laceysan- 3 points
skratchiechan- 3 points
fernandos nuts- 3 points
Doods- 1 point
USMCOgre- 1 point
Havok- 1 point
poeticflow- 1 point

Wow a lot of people have points lol

Will update you on next tourney/TTF event!


thanks for holding it down cody! shit was dope!


gg Cody


good games all around


what characters were the top7 playing?


i live like 5 mins from you and sat at home playing sf4 til i fell asleep last night lol. if you don’t mind i think i wanna make the next one, i could prolly jog to your house (but would rather not lol). super cool that you hold these, even better that your so darn close.


1 Ken I- Rufus
2 Viscant - Dhalsim, Zangief, Blanka, iono I think like 3 other char
3 DECI - E.Honda
4 neREMIXED - Bison?
5 skratchiechan- ?
5 fernandos nuts- Bison
7 Doods- ?
7 USMCOgre- Zangief

That’s from my recollection. I never got to play skratchiechan or Doods so I didn’t know who they played.


Sup yall!

Nice seein’ such a great turnout!

Viscant and Ken-I good shit in the finals! Close matches!

Nice to see a bunch of ppl with TE sticks. Hope you guys are enjoyin’ em!

Wait til’ you see my next stick :karate:

Watch out for those ninjas on the roofs!


skratchiechan- ryu


good shit Ken I. !


awesome tourny. lets keep these high attendance numbers coming !

side tourny for marvel? :open_mouth: !?


I used rufus, akuma, ryu, bison, chun, rog, sagat.


Great turnout. Community is getting deep. Cody always holds it down. Had a rough night but still had a good time. NeREMIXED your Rufus is on point GGS.



Videos coming soon…


gg’s everyone. thanks Cody for hosting :cool:

gotta keep the community strong! see you guys next week for the 2v2?