San Diego's T.T.F. SF4 RanBat 1.3 Results & Shout Outs

31 Entrants

Top 8
1st Ken I (Rufus)- 8 Points
2nd AlexMan (C. Viper) -7 Points
3rd Deci (E. Honda)- 6 Points
4th Dios-X (Dictator|M. Bison)- 5 Points
T5th Yeb (Gen)- 3 Points
T5th Rodchan (Boxer|Balrog)- 3 Points
T7th Gerald (Dictator|M. Bison)- 1 Point
T7th Laceysan (Ryu)- 1 Point

Will update T.T.F. website

Keeps eyes open for next big event should be a good one!

Congrats to Ken I, Alex Man, and Lacey! Good job guys!

Lacey That was my top 8. Dammit :bluu:

Me :tdown: Lacey Ex Fireball:nono:

^who needs to breathe right? i mean if i pass out you guys will give me air right?
that match needed to be recorded!, good match man

thanks for the love shgl…
i’m working on making my new place available for casuals
should be able to make to ai one of these days

thanks for hosting cody!

it was truly a lot of fun to be in the company of sd’s best players and meeting a lot of the sd srk community. and thanks for the bread too cody i was like dying of hunger but didnt want to miss my matches

oh and im jason the guy with the panda shirt. ggs to everyone and see you next time.

This was basically my first tourney and a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting cody, and thanks a lot for letting me play all my matches on the 360. I doubt I would have won a single round if I had to play on a Japanese stick.

Thanks for hosting Cody. Had a decent game that night night. GGS to all I played.

Thanks SHGL :).

GG’s to everyone, thanks to Ken I for showing me the level I have to take my game to. Thanks for hosting Cody, keep that shit goin strong.

[C Viper]

needs moar icons.