San Diego's When and Were will you play?


I know, this is a carbon-copy of plaza, chula, RoD, nickle, gamelord, golden toke (hopefully back again soon) etc. just post were will u go to play and when? it dosen’t matter the place u will go to, but then at least we can c who will go to were and when and then we will c what place will have more comp in and where the croud goes. Any games from the 2d to 3d, no matter, namco or capcom any. So hopefully i don’t get bash for doing this, so post -out.:karate:


Just give up. san diego sucks.

You’re better off with casuals at someone’s house. Everyone cant go everywhere at once. it’s half and half really. Half are on the south part of san d, the other is in the north part. I say, make a place that’s half way so no one can complain about distance.


na dude good job, this will save me time from looking thru each of the sd threads


sssooooo… any 3s happening anywhere tomorrow (thursday)? :smiley:


3s, nickel city, tonight, GOOOOOOOOOO. money matches.


yeah seriously

there are like 50000 sd threads plus an sd thread for each game =P


Thnx man, thnk u for the support since the fighting era is kinda dying but i try to put in my two cents and there are a bunch of threads of everything so i decided to do this, thnx for the support again, really appriciated and ill c whats up with the golden token news


anyone is welcome to play at my house or my friends house for any game u want… i have a dc and two mas sticks one is dc only the othere is dc,ps2 and xbox… its been a long ass time since i wanted to get competitive in fighting games so i want to keep the flame burning… and it kind of sucks that people are being so negative about the scene in sd… i cant believe the only person thats able to apex tournys here doesnt give a shyt about any of the sd players…


doesn’t give a ‘shyt’ about sd players? what do you call throwing like… 7 tourneys, only having 2 of them work? ooook, whatever you say. :lol:

Casuals at my house tomorrow, who’s down?


i am.


ok let me see… well for one u said this “I dont really care about San diego comp anymore, i’m making my own way to make my own comp. I can care less if GTA opens again, sure it would be great. I would probably go. Nice people to hang there…I guess it gives those ghetto kids a home.”

and a few of those tournys u said u were going to host u didnt show… i mean come on its ur tourny that u put a day and time on and all of a sudden u have a dentist appointment or u have to go bowling with friends… if ur going to host a tourny at least show then decide to cancel it due to not enough players… at least one of those tournys u called off i was there and there was at least 6 people that showed…


I was just curious, is the Nickel City you guys play 3s at the one in RB?


nah, its the one in carmel mtn.

Maddrifter-Ok, im so sorry. next time if i cant find a ride, ill walk to nickel to throw the tourney? ok. cool.

Anyone else down for casuals?


btw, i only didn’t show for 1 tourney. boohoo -__- Im done talking about hosting tourneys. Talk all you want i dont wanna ‘argue’ or whatever this is.
And bowling wasn’t my idea!!


hail and kill: i might be able to make it tomorrow if i trust my car. that’s not very reassuring but yeah. =P

wuziq/kevin: where in la jolla do you live? maybe i can catch a ride with you, but unfortunately i get out of class at 8:30 pm.

heh, let’s keep the hate down otherwise our player base will diminish from 6 people to 4 =P

gg to neremixed and unprotectedsex yesterday :woot:


What hate? I don’t sence no hate! <3 all sd players.

You have my number right? Ryan will probably be down to play.


koo i guess this thread is working out:bgrin:


I suppose so =o.

Post where you play though??

Nickel City. Used to play at golden token on weekends…hard to play sometimes though.


i play at chula most of the times, plaza just when -lalo- gives me a lift, golden token we use to go when it was open but we might be going back hearing all the news about it, never been to gamelords and nickle for me is way to far and not worth it i would only go to drop by to TJI fridays, ill talk to lalo c if he wants to drop by somewhere and catch matches


so true. that way i can go to a different arcade and won’t have to breathe the same air as jose…him and his scrubish air:bluu:. hah


Thanx for the help derreck.:tup: