San Diego's When and Were will you play?


Haha, I dont know what happened! I hardly play bro.
I would love to come out, but like i said, i have a gang of shit to do after work.
Ill pm you my number and just txt me yours just in case… so the box arena is located in El Cajones?


can some pm me the address for box arena?


@ tanabae and anyone else getting blaz blue, you do know all of that is available in store right?

the limited edition is the first print of the game, second print in july to be standard edition same price.

only difference being the art books are first come first serve with pre order :wink:

on topic. wont be making it out tonight, you guys hold it down!




i think im gunna make it out tonight with my buddy russell again. see you guys tonight


Anyone wanna get down on some Live games? I’ll be on for a while.

I wasn’t a fan of the first movie. Too much Shia LeBouf being annoying for my taste. Will I like this one?


Sorry guys im going to miss out tonight. Hope you all have fun <3


ksexy, transformers 2 shit all over the first one. go watch it!!


i will be there with sam and mark around 7 ish.

(i will be playing blazblue as well. pre order it at gamestop!)


BlazBlue! Support that game! Did anyone from SD enter the BlazBlue contest on SDTEKKEN site? We’re giving the game away early!


they show people shittin in that movie? I Gots to go see it now!


I can give you BlazBlue if you wanna build some hype for it this Friday for the SD ranbat… Let me know if you wanna show it.

Getting 8 ppl for TEKKEN 6?

I don’t know… does anyone play Tekken in San Diego? :lovin:


if you get blazblue…

whatever you do, make sure you don’t watch the arakune strategy section in the video.

that guys sucks!


ive played before. i would like to, im probably gonna get t6 when it comes out. XIAO YU!


i really want the artbook :rofl:

when i called gamestop about 2months ago asking if i’d get the artbook in store, they said i have to pre order the game online and have it shipped to my house. i wouldnt have gotten the book if i preordered online but shipped it to a store.

cody, i’d be down for that blazblue thing.


after watching like 2 tournies at AI for blaz blu i think i know who im going to use




Transformers 2 was worth it. Don’t believe the critics and judge it for yourself. It is what it is (megan fox, explosions, robots, and megan fox).

On a side note, I’ll be picking up Blazblue also. Nice change of pace.


indeed. all 2 and half hours of it. :tup:

too bad i didnt get to watch it in imax :bluu:


GG’s to everyone at Box Arena. I really need to pick someone else besides Cammy or at least get some practice in-between casuals :crybaby:

Definitely picking up Blazblue. Gonna have my copy signed at Anime-Expo this year :smiley: