San Diego's When and Were will you play?


Thank You To EveryOne Who Made It Out ToNight. We Had A Great TurnOut; 25 Who Entered. It Was Quite Casual And Not As Chaotic As The Previous Weeks. Thanks To Christine And Elisa For Taking Care Of The Brackets; The Tournament Cannot Run As Smooth WithOut Our Girls At Work. :slight_smile:

$55.00 1st AlexMan
$16.00 2nd NeMo
$8.00 3rd gcsupra
4th Jeremy Chance
5th DJ Frank Fresh
5th unprotectedSEX
7th OceansideDoods
7th Yeb
9th Sam V
9th Jozu
9th Mr. Certified
9th Kuizzy Ef Baby
13th ChongWong
13th Wolf
13th Mr. HangOver
13th Marcos Munoz
17th Chuck Gonzalez
17th Marco Polo
17th NatMecha
17th Russell
17th CalmWarrior
17th Justin Constantino
17th PimpBot9000
17th KSexy
25th neRemiX
25th Geovski
25th FPS Chun Li

There Was Actually A Few Bucks Extra; May Have ForGotten To Put The Money InTo The Box Arena Fund, But Used The Extra Money To Round Up The Winnings InStead.

Once AGain, Thank You All. Let’s Keep San Diego’s Fight Scene Strong And Hungry! Go Team!


Good shit to all the placers…

AlexMan makin dat bread…


damn alexman, you came up like $90 this week…

…if you need someone to watch transformers 2 with in imax, let me know :lovin:

on a sidenote…blazblue!!!





We run shit in SD.


ggs to everyone today at the box arena…

nemo, thought i had that money match, guess not…lol gg

dj frankfresh, ill always support sagat during the match

BlazBlue fo shoze, and maybe tekken 6


g00d shit today Alex you definitely got my number But at least I’m leveling up my game that’s all I can do the first match in the winners finals was bad ass but i was too burnt by the grand finals , GG’s all chris remixed and laceysan come late more often lol two less bad ass’s I got to face :slight_smile:

Shot out to wold man in 3 weeks that’s some serious improvement I’m really impress stick with that rufus and RAISE THE ROOF.

GG’s too dudez always a down to the wire battle between the supreme sagats.

also good shit to you gc supra to be honest I’m more scared of your geif :slight_smile: 1200 hp for the win lol


GGs to everyone tonight, and thanks to the Box Arena for hosting. Next time, I’m not playing Blanka during casuals; I need warm up time with Gen really bad. I think everyone’s execution was off tonight though. Missed ultras everywhere and even a focus attack -> straight jump :rofl:

I’ll be picking up BlazBlue too. One thing that worries me about it though is that it’s going to have a smaller community, which is then going to be divided across two platforms. Not much of a problem for tournaments, but it may be hard to find online matches.



GG’s to everybody tonight. Thank you to the Box Arena for hosting. TV #2 lags :(.

Nah Nemo we’re 1-1. 50% win ratio now. Hahahah.

How the hell did I miss FA > Ultra!? TWICE. LULZ :mad:

Oh and… Blaz Blue. Bang Shishigami! The song that plays when you activate furinkazan >> the game. :rock:


how the heck did i end up getting literally tag teamed by marco/marcos/fuerte?

rigged brackets.


lololol!!! fuck your tournament ratio i was 100% before today!!! MY FIGHT MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and yes my new signature when in doubt do the strongest move with most priority TIGER UPPERCUT!!!****


dont forget friday is ranbat 1.5 get your points if you need them


I funk I need to get more practice. Deci says he’ll help me but he never comes. Jerk! Just kidding! By for reals though, where you at?

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Modded by your neighborhood friendly MarkMan…

Also, I heard ppl are lookin for mounting plate screws? Call Mad Catz and let them know wassup, it’s better if we have you on file so we can better help/report issues.

Call toll-free: 1.800.659.2287


Wow good job marc aka. GCSupra looks like your level when up since tues. when you came over to practice lol! Just hit me up when you wanna session again.

Tommy (team old men)


ggs to everyone i played today. yeb, gg, very intense match. good shit.

i was thinkin about pickin him after my first loss with you.

thanks man, i’ll probably come over next week, maybe tomorrow or friday afternoon.


This Thread moves too fast


Good games. GCSupra, close shit man. Kept eating those ultras=dead. FPS ChunLi, you’re getting there. Keep it up. Yeb, always a pleasure playing you. I’ll get your Gen eventually! See everyone (hopefully) on Friday! Again, get those 2v2 and 5v5 teams together!


GGs to everyone, thanks as always to box arena for hosting


ggs to everyone last night…very hard night for my boxer especially my last 4 matches…3 sagats and a zangief!

good shit mr certified, doods, frank, gsupra, and nemo