San Diego's When and Were will you play?


What a beautiful morning to serve the tweekers and bums of chula vista :slight_smile:


damn I’m tired! Still at work since the tournament! What I do for he box arena…


Mark: overnight improvment of the year

ty an gg Box Arena


Nah my nominee goes to wolf only because mark already showed he was improved at the 3v3 tourny I expect mark top 8 at all times now O_O


ahh damn, i miss one session and my teammate goes off. good shit mark


i thought we were teammates louie??? thanks for hurtingm y feelings…lol

markman, how about the top panel screws for the TE? can i call madcatz for that?

im thinking of throwing a session tonight…imma be at the fair all day, but i wanna play some street fighter on my day off…

blazblue is out today???


^ You can check, I’m not sure if we have any here.

BlazBlue ship date is the 30th. Some places might get it in early though.


lol i posted asking for directions 2 weeks ago and nobody replied :sweat:

but it’s cool i had to stay kinda late for work that day anyway.
pretty much i’ve been busy with real life shit and haven’t been playing much sf4. i don’t think i can make ranbats on friday either :frowning:

but gimme some directions for box arena and i’ll try to make it next week.

as for blazblue. get ready for the exact opposite of street fighter. it’s ALL offense. you get penalized extremely hard for trying to turtle or run away. if you try to run from your opponent too much, you start taking like 2x damage lol.
other than that, it’s basically an easier version of guilty gear.

and yes v13, rachel, and arakune are pretty unbalanced right now… but don’t worry, i can’t go into to details but suffice it to say that the rebalancing patch has be under testing for awhile and there are big changes.

and like i said before, ignore the arakune strategies cause that guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about hehe.

also, alexman is right. super sayin bang song > ALL.
lol extra funny cause it keeps playing even if he dies.


Another great battle at the Box Arena last night. Big thanks to Christine and Alissa holding down the signups/brackets. Nothing beats a bunch guys hovering over the laptop and having that WTF look. You ladies Rock!!! As far as TV # 2 lagging and capturing matches, I’m fully aware of the situation believe me. Kuizzy, GCSupra and myself having been doing our best in correcting the problem for the past month. We do have another method and need a little bit of time to get the new equipment. Our goal is to capture the final matches in HD on the Big screen.

@ Geovski - I almost slept on your Boxer.
@ Marco Polo - I couldn’t concentrate with all that crowd hype.
@ GCSupra - Definitely the most improved player.
@ AlexMan - Please read previous post from Monday:) You know my style already!!!
@ Jeremy Chance - That was indeed revenge from last Wednesday. Don’t bet on me please!!!
@ Calm Warrior (Grudge Match) - 2 Tacos and a Jumbo Jack with cheese.


hah imma be at the fair too.


we should make a new thread 0_0
shit is old and needs an update

on my ttf site i want to add a section about the box arena and cvc
so if you guys can get a lil paragraph or whatever and a good pic i can post it

also another section i want to add a list of all are gamertags and psn names so people can play us. so if you dont mind having your psn name or gamertag pm me and ill get it done

ranbat 1.5 is tomorrow!!!




Maybe something like this or this

So it doesn’t have to bypass thru PC then TV.


Bang bang bang baaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.

New thread? :cool:


go for it cody, i’ll support that :tup:
psn is laceysan.

new thread about all the sessions, shoot for that as well


when’s the next event held? im ready to rock with my rog


if you do host can i roll thru?


They said it still lagged thru the splitter even it if it amplified or not.


It’s over for y’all now.

I think nemo should main event match alex to get his pride back :lol:

Just so alex can take it again. Then i’ll play alex and rape then laugh at nemo. LOL!

Yes that was my dream last night.

Frank next grudge match should be worth atleast 2.50 a match man, come on? the most you can lose is 12.50$ see how you raped my ryu we should run it back and 830 this time!